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The Creator Is Also A Farmer 

You are not to reap what grows by itself during 

Your harvest nor gather the grapes of your 

Untended vine. It is to be a year of 

Shabbat rest for the land.

The Book Of Leviticus Chapter 25 Verse 5

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


"Raising A Family In Torah"

Facebook Group

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"Homesteading With Hebrew Roots' FB Group

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"Follow The Fire"

When The Creator 

Calls You To The Country

(Charisma Magazine)

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HaYovel (Agricultural Missions)

Joel Sallatin's PolyFace Farm Business

The Poly Face Farm 

Joel Sallatin "The Farm Life"

Joel Sallatin's Farm Model

Joel Salltins' Sustainable Farming Model

Touring Joel Sallatin's Poultry Farm

Agricultural Expert And Activist Joel Sallatin

Pastured Poultry E-Lessons

Food Cycle Lessons With Joel Sallatin

"Folks, This Ain't Normal"
Sustainable Farming With Joel Sallatin

Biblical Free Enterprise And Evangelism

Evangelpreneur: How Biblical Free Enterprise Can Empower-Josh Tolley

Business Secrets From The Bible

-Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Agricultural Evangelism In Africa (Machine Gun Preacher)

Helping People Help Themselves Through Agriculture

Project 7 (New Reality International)

Wells In Africa (Blood Water Mission)

An American Homestead

Self-Reliant Living Interview 

With The Bauer's

An American Homestead

Episode 1 With The Bauer's 

The Black Blizzard

Uncovering The Dust Bowl "Apocalypse" (PBS)

The Dust Bowl "Lessons Learned" 


The Stock Market Crash And The Gold Standard

 (Extra Credits Series)

The Gold Standard And Paper Money

The 1929 Stock Market Crash

The Irish Potato Famine (Extra Credits)

Part 1 

Part 2

The Irish Potato Famine (Extra Credits)

Part 3

Part 4

Irish Potato Famines (Extra Credits)

Part 5

Part 6


"Food Inc." Documentary 

"Wheat" Documentary

Moral Responsibility In Agriculture

Kosher Butchering

"What's With Wheat?" Documentary

Hard Questions: Animal Sacrifices

 And The Land Sabbath?

'Answering Atheists" Is The Temple Sacrifice Animal Abuse?" 119 Ministries

"Berean Bridges: The Land Sabbath"

119 Ministries 

"Thriving Farmer"


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"Path Ways Care Farm"

Christian Agricultural Therapy Model

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'Red River 

Farm Network

Agricultural News"

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Spiritual Issues On Homesteads And Farms 

'The Mystery Of Man And The Earth"

John Paul Jackson

"Demons And Homesteads"

Cole Davis 

Visions Of America's Future And Crop Shortages

The Coming Perfect Storm 

(John Paul Jackson)


(John Paul Jackson)

Why The Sabbatical And Jubilee Years Are Important

Part 1 (With Joseph Dumond)

Part 2 (With Joseph Dumond)

Courses, Farm Tours And Tutorials

Self-Reliant Living

 School Classes 

And Tutorials

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Joel Sallatin Educational 

PolyFace Farm Tours 

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An American Homestead Catalogue

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Films For Encouragement

"Dark Waters" Trailer 

'All Saints" Trailer 

Songs For Encouragement

"Fly Over States" By Jason Aldean

"Song Of The South" Alabama 

Podcasts, Magazines And News



"Back Woods Home"



"Word On The Street"

Care Farms Article 

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Books For Further Study

"Business Secrets 

From The Bible"

By Rabbi 

Daniel Lapin

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How Biblical Free Enterprise Can Empower"

Josh Tolley

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"The Torah Blessing"

With Larry Huch

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"Your Successful Farm Business: Production, 

Profit, Pleasure"

By Joel Sallatin

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"You Can Farm: 

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Start & Succeed In A 

Farming Enterprise"

By Joel Sallatin

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"Folks, This Ain't Normal: 

A Farmer's Advice For Happier Hens, Healthier People, 

And A Better World"

By Joel Sallatin

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"The Dust Bowl: 

An Illustrated History"

By Ken Burns And 

Dayton Duncan

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"The 1936 North American 

Heat Wave: 

The History Of America‚Äôs Deadly Heat Wave During The Dust Bowl And 

Great Depression"

By Charles Rivers Ed.

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"Fast Food Nation" 

By Eric Schlosser

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"The Great Hunger: 

Ireland 1845-1849"

by Cecil 


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"The Graves

 Are Walking:

 The Great Famine And 

The Sage Of 

The Irish Community"

By John Kelly

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"The Jungle" 

By Upton Sinclair 

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"One Second After"

By William R. Forstchen

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"Remembering The 

Sabbatical Years Of 2016:

 Breaking The

 Curses By Obedience

By Joseph Dumond"

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"The Harbinger: 

The Ancient Mystery 

That Holds The Secret 

To America's Future"

By Jonathan Cahn 

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