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Blessing For Obedience From The Beginning

“Now when all these things come upon you—the blessing and The Curse that I have set before you—and you take them to Heart in All the nations where Adonai your God has banished You, and 

You return to Adonai your God and listen to His voice According To all that I am commanding you today—you and Your children—With all your heart and with all your soul, then Adonai your God Will bring you back from captivity and 

Have compassion on you, and 

He will return and gather you from all the peoples where 

Adonai your God has scattered you.

 Even if your outcasts are at the ends of the heavens, from There Adonai your God will gather you, and from there 

He will bring you. Adonai your God will bring you into the 

Land that your fathers possessed, and you will possess it; and 

He will do you good and multiply you more than your fathers. 

Also Adonai your God will circumcise your heart and the 

Heart of your descendants—to love Adonai your 

God with all your heart and with all your soul, 

In order that you may live."

Deuteronomy Chapter 30 Verse 1

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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The 7 Curses Of Leviathan 

(Pride and Truth Twisting)

This is an excellent Study Course on the 7 Curses of Leviathan

 (the Prideful Twisting Serpent) that covers 

How they enter your life, 

How they effect your life,

 How to get them out of your life!

The Spirit of The Creator is has seven-facets that are countered by the seven curses of Leviathan and

The seven-facets of living in the flesh (Pride).

In the Book of Job ONLY The Creator could defeat Leviathan,

 So we must call upon HIM. 

This PDF is available by donation to 

[email protected] 

Via Paypal.

"You crushed the heads of Leviathan, 

Giving him as food to the desert dwellers." 

Psalm of David 74 Verse 14

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A Father's Blessing

The Priestly Blessing

The Aaronic Blessing in English

with Rabbi Kurt Schneider

The Aaronic Blessing in Hebrew

with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

The Mystery Of The Father's Blessing

The Mystery of Blessings and Curses

The Mystery of the Father's Blessing

"Be In Health" Theory Of Illness (Dr. Henry Wright)

"Be In Health" Theory

"Be In Health" Theory On Autoimmune Disease

Blessings, Cursings And Health (Be In Health)

Ministry Website

Be In Health Website

"Be In Health" Book

By Dr. Henry Wright

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Retreat Center

Be In Health Retreat

The Generational Struggles That Teens Face

Fighting Emotional Incarceration

 In The Black Community

Jason Wilson ("Cry Like A Man" Author)

"Beating All Odds" 

The Struggle Of Homeless Youth

Sam Bracken ("My Orange Duffel Bag" Author)

"Breaking The Spirits That Are Battling Your Children" Perry Stone

Spiritual Warfare And It's Dangers

"5 Reasons to Not Engage in 2nd Heaven Warfare" with John Paul Jackson

"Dangers of 2nd Heaven Warfare"

John Paul Jackson

Derek Prince (Blessings And Curses In The Lives Of Beleivers)

Passing from Curse to Blessing

Am I Curses (Series 1 of 2)

Families And Spiritual Oppression

The Break Up of Families

Breaking Generational Curses

Understanding Curses

"Understanding Curses Series"

with John Ramirez

Breaking Bloodline Curses

Vlad Savchuk

Curses On A Nation

"The Mystery of Man and the Earth"

with John Paul Jackson

"The Curses: 

Why The Sabbatical and Jubilee Years Matter" 

with Joseph Dumond

Songs For Encouragement

The Blessing 
Kari Jobe

"Blessed Be The Name" by Chris Tomlin

Written Resources

"Dark Secret of G.O.A.T.U: Great Architect 

Of The Universe" 

Expose Of Free-Masonry

by Ana Mendez Ferrell

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"The Torah Blessing"

by Larry Huch

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Generational Curses"

 by Marilyn Hickey

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"Purging Your House, 

Pruning Your

 Family Tree"

by Perry Stone

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"Coping Skills For

 Kid's Workbook"

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"Body Boundaries: 

Consent And Respect"

by Jayneen Sanders

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"Purging Your House/Pruning Your Family Tree" 

by Perry Stone

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"Blessing Or Curse: 

You Can Choose" 

by Derek Prince

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"Born To Be Blessed: 

Releasing God's Promises On Those You Love"

by John Hagee

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"The Harbinger: 

The Ancient Secret That Holds America's Future"

by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

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"Removing The Curses By Obedience: Remembering The Sabbatical Years Of 2016" 

by Joseph Dumond 

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"Undiscovered Treasure: 

The Untold Secret Of Ephraim And Manasseh" 

Told by Cheryl Gesing 

and Tiffany Schmigotzki

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