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Did Tongues And Prophecies Cease?

Love never fails— but where there are prophecies, 

They will Pass away; where there are tongues, 

They will cease; 

Where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

1st Letter To The Corinthian Chapter 13 Verse 8

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Resources For Further Study

Have The New Testament Charismatic Gifts Ceased?

Dr. Michael Brown Vs. Dr. Sam Waldron

Cautious Continualism And Cautious Charismaticism

"Our Burning Bushes"

Dr. Charles Stanley

"Cautiously Charismatic"

Dane At FeatheredProp

When Healing Hurts (Justin Peters)

"Hidden History Of The 

Charismatic Generals" Justin Peters Ministries

Strange Fire Parts 1 And 2

Strange Fire Session Part 1

Strange Fire Session Part 2

Strange Fire Parts 3 And 4

Answering The Critics

Modern Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit?

The Great Debate: Continualism Vs Cessationism

The Great Debate

Have Tongues And Prophecy Ceased?

The Great Debate

Have The Gifts Ceased?

The End Of Spiritual Gifts? Mike Winger

Cessationalism Pros And Cons

Dr. John McArthur Explains Cessationism

Perry Stone Opposes Cessationalism

Songs For Encouragement

In Christ Alone

Travis Cottrel

Even If

Mercy Me

Written Resources

"Strange Fire:

The Danger Of Offending 

The Holy Spirit With Counterfeit Worship"

By John MacArthur 

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"Defining Deception:

Freeing The Church 

From The Mystical 

Miracle Movement"

By Costi Hinn

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"Torah Govt.

In New Covenant Times"

 Norman Willis

Free Download

"Playing With Holy Fire: 

A Wake-Up Call 

To the Pentecostal-Charismatic Church"

Dr. Michael Brown

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Are False Spirits

 Invading the Church?"

Andrew Strom

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"God, Greed, And The (Prosperity) Gospel: 

How Truth Overwhelms A Life Built On Lies"

By Costi Hinn

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