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A Sect (of Judaism) Called "The Way"

“But this I confess to you, that according to 

The Way (which they call a sect), I worship the 

God of our Fathers, believing 

everything written in the 

Torah and the Prophets."

Acts Of The Apostles

Chapter 24 Verse 14

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Kehillat Yeshua 


Learn More 

About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

The Bible Project (The Book Of Acts)

The Book Of Acts Chapter 1-12

The Book Of Acts Chapter 13-28

Early Christian Cult-The Ebionites (Blogging Theology)

"Hidden History Of The 

Charismatic Generals" Justin Peters Ministries

The Church Fathers On Discerning Dreams And Visions

Historical View Of Dreams And Visions

Remnant Radio

The Church Fathers On Dream Interpretation

Remnant Radio

The 7 Churches Of Revelation

The Letters To The 7 Churches

Dr. Chuck Missler

The Church In Time

Dr. Chuck Missler

The 7 Churches Of Revelation

Revelation Session 2

Dr. Chuck Missler

The Letter To The Church Of Ephesus

Dr. Chuck Missler

The 7 Churches Of Revelation

Letter To The Church Of Smyrna

Dr. Chuck Missler

Letter To The Church Of Pergamos

Dr. Chuck Missler

The 7 Churches Of Revelation

The Letter To The Church Of Thyatira

Dr. Chuck Missler

The Letter To The Church Of Sardis

Dr. Chuck Missler

The 7 Churches Of Revelation

Letter To The Church Of Philadelphia

Dr. Chuck Missler

Letter to The Church Of Laodicea

Dr. Chuck Missler

The Ancient Israelite View Of The Religions Of The Gentiles

Did The Apostles Visit Lost Sheep In the United Kingdom?

"And Did Those Feet?" Part 1

Martin Trench

"And Did Those Feet?" Part 2

Martin Trench

How Judaism And Christianity Separated

"The Difference Between Jews and Christians" with Rabbi Schneider

"Does God Have A Son?"

With Rabbi Schneider

How Judaism And Christianity Separated

"Jealousy" with Rabbi Schneider

"The Separation" with Rabbi Schneider

How Judaism And Christianity Separated

"The Bar Kokhba Revolt" 

With Rabbi Schneider 

"The Oral Law Vs Written Law"

With Rabbi Schneider

How Judaism And Christianity Separated

"The Rejection of The Jews"

With Rabbi Schneider

"The Revolt"

With Rabbi Schneider

How Judaism And Christianity Separated

"How Did The Jews View Jesus?"

By Rabbi Schneider

"Jews, Gentiles and Christianity"

With Rabbi Schneider 

Ten Reasons To Go To Church 

Even If You Don't Feel Like It

(Cross Walk)

Read Article 

The Historical Church Leadership

"The Jesus I Never Knew Series Part 1" 

with Phillip Yancey

'Paul The Nazarene Ringleader?"

with 119 Ministries

The Early Church And Politics

The Early Church And Politics

Tim Mackie

Slaying Leviathan: 

Limited Government And Resistance For Christians (Douglas Wilson and Glenn Sunshine)

The Church In World History

'Justin to Constantine"

From Babylon To United Europe

The Life And Deeds Of Constantine

Classic History of Constantine 

Constantine Sells Christianity

Syndicado TV

The Reformation Era

"Martin Luther" 

PBS Documentary

"The Fires of the Spanish Inquisition"

World History Documentaries

Church History Condensed

Church History in 15 Minutes

Church History Courses

The 2 Churches Of Revelation

Christians, Messianics and Nazarenes

Catholicism Vs Nazarene Israel

Sheep And Goats In The Church

"Esau Rising" by Bill Cloud

The Sheep And Goats by Francis Chan

Tracing The Tribes In The Church

Spiritual Identity Crisis

With Jim Staley

The Lost Tribes and the Protestants

With Joseph Dumond

Historical Documentation 

Of Simon The Magus In The Church

Read Here

Church Councils And The Gall Of Bitterness

History of Church Councils

Simon the Magus and the Church

Simon The Magus In Church History

Simon the Peter Vs Simon the Magus

The Samaritan System of Simon Magus

Sun-Worship Enters The Church

'Time Is The Ally Of Deceit" 

With Richard Rives

"Too Long In The Sun"

With Richard Rives

2 Views: Patron Saints Vs. Ancestor Worship

Catholic View Of Patron Saints 

Is Praying To The Saints Biblical?

Written Resources

"Prayer in the Night:

 For Those Who Work 

Or Watch Or Weep"

By Tish Harrison-Warren

Order Resource

"Liturgy And Ritual Of 

The Celtic Church"

F.E. Warren

Order Resource

"The Book Of

Common Prayer"

Compiled By 

D.L. Thomas

Order Resource

"They Loved The Torah:
What Yeshua's First 

Disciples Really

 Thought About The Law"

David Friedrichs

Order Resource


 A Guide To The 

Real Jesus And

 The Original Church"

Ron Mosely

Order Resource

"Slaying Leviathan:

 Limited Government And Resistance In 

The Christian Tradition"

Glenn S. Sunshine

Order Resource

"The Jesus I Never Knew" 

by Phillip Yancey

Order Resource

"Sitting At The Feet Of 

Rabbi Jesus" 

by Ann Spangler and 

Lois Tverberg

Order Resource

"Beautiful Outlaw: Experiencing The Playful, Disruptive And Extravagant 

Personality Of Jesus" 

by John Eldredge 

Order Resource

"Undiscovered Treasure: 

The Untold History Of Ephraim And Manasseh"'

by Gesing and Schmigotzki

Order Resource

"Lost In Translation: 

The Book Of Revelation Through Hebrew Eyes" 

by Klein and Christopher

Order Resource

"Nazarene Israel: 

The Original Faith 

Of The Apostles" 

by Norman Willis

Order Resource

"Learning Theology With The Church Fathers"

 by Christopher A. Hall

Order Resource

"Dark History 

Of The Popes"

 by Brenda Ralph Lewis

Order Resource

"Foxe's Book Of Martyrs"

by John Foxe

Order Resource

"Catholicism And Fundamentalism:

 The Attack On "Romanism" by "Bible Christians

By Karl Keating

Order Resource

"The Great Controversy"

By Ellen White

Order Resource

"Too Long In The Sun" 

By Richard Rives

Order Resource

"Pilgrim's Progress" 

by John Bunyan

Order Resource

"Time Is The Ally Of Deceit" 

by Richard Rives

Order Resource

"The Collected Works Of Flavius Josephus"

Order Resource

"Lost Christianities"

by Bart Ehrman

Order Resource

"The Gnostic Gospels"

by Elaine Pagels

Order Resource

"Acts 15 Order
The Original

 First Century 

Christian-Jewish Faith Today"

Nazarene Israek

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