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Making The Heart Glad Again

Go! Eat your bread with gladness 

and drink your wine

 With a merry heart, for 

God has already accepted your deeds.

Ecclesiastes Chapter 9 Verse 7

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Beautiful Outlaw: 

The Playfulness Of God An The Poison Of Religion

John Eldredge

Michael Junior Comedy

"The Good Room"

"Laughing On  Purpose" 

Michael Junior Comedy

"More Than Funny-Michael Jr."

"Going To Church" 

Anjelah Johnson Comedy

Nail Salon with Anjelah Johnson

Laughter Is Medicine-TedX

"Humor And Health" Gene Anderson TEDx

Tim Hawkins Parodies

"The Sound Of Starbucks"

'Hey There Delilah"

Tim Hawkins Parodies

"Pretty Pink Tractor"

'Inappropriate Wedding Songs"

Tim Hawkins Parodies 

Old Rock Star Songs

Man Bun Song 

The Yellow Personality (Worshipers, Encouragers And Comedians)

Dr. Taylor Hartman (The Color Code)

Dr. Taylor Hartman (The Color Code)

Places That Are Good For Your Heart

Healing Rooms 

Celebrate Recovery

Find A 

Local Healing Room

Locator Link Here

Find A Local

Celebrate Recovery

Group Link Here

Find a Local Faith Based Counselor 

Faith Based Counselors

It's A Southern Thing

If Southern Families Had Referees

When Grandma Watches The Kids

It's A Southern Thing

How Southern Moms' Get Things Done

If "The Twilight Zone Was Southern"

It's A Southern Thing

"How To Tell If A Southern Woman

 Is Mad At You"

If Women Had "Hubby Vision"

It's A Southern Thing

Why It's Hard Being An Introvert 

In The South

If Alexa Was Southern

It's A Southern Thing

"Introducing Chic-Fil-A Prime"

"Dollar General Is Out Of Control"

It's A Southern Thing

When Your Southern Accent 

Really Comes Out

The Sickness That Needs No Cure 

It's A Southern Thing

Why Southern Weather Makes No Sense

Southern Humidity Is The Worst

It's A Southern Thing

'When You Forgot To Say Yes Ma'am

 In The South"

'When You're In A Hurry 

At The Grocery Store"

It's A Southern Thing

"Slaw And Order: Special Victims Unit"

2020 Is The Worst Year 

"How Laughing At Yourself Can Change The World" TEDx