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Conflict And Understanding

An offended brother is more formidable 

Than a fortified city, and quarrels are 

Like the bars of a fortress.

Proverbs Of Solomon Chapter 18 Verse 19

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


The Hope Line

For Teens 

Reach Out

Focus On The Family

Reach Out

Marriage Missions


Reach Out

Why Motive Matters

The Leadership Personalities

Reds-The King Personality

Blues-The Prophet Personality

The Supporter Personalities 

Whites-The Priest Personality

Yellows-The Worshipper Personality

Laughing It Off

"Things You Don't Say To Your Wife"

Tim Hawkins

"Teenagers Are God's Revenge"

Jeff Allen

Learning How You Love

"Love And Respect"

By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

"Fear Based Vs Shame Based"

Love Styles By The Yerkoviches

Love Languages And Birth Order

The 5 Love Languages

Dr. Gary Chapman

The Birth Order Book

Dr. Kevin Leman

Conflicts In Parenting

"Have A New Child By Friday"

Dr. Kevin Leman 

"Parenting The Strong Willed Child"

Dr. James Dobson

TV Series 

"Shalom In The Home"

"Super Nanny"

"Finding Marriage Allies" Plumb

Understanding The Opposite Sex By Jeff And Shaunti Feldham

"For Women Only" By Shaunti Feldham

"For Men Only" By Jeff Feldham 

When Your Spouse Hurts You

When Your Spouse Hurts You 

With Jimmy Evans

Don't Talk To Me Like That

With Jimmy Evans

Conflict And Teenagers

"Leaving The Eagles' Nest' 

With Ron Phillips

"God's Plan For Our Teenagers"

With Recie Saunders

Making Things Right

"How To Apologize" FireProof

"Declaration Of Prayer" War Room

Root Spiritual Issues

"The Spirit Of Rejection"

With John Paul Jackson

"Escaping The Abyss Of Co-Dependence"

With Cole Davis 

Mental Health And Conflict

Borderline Personality Episode 

Dr. Ramani

Narcissist, Psychopath, Sociopath

Dr. Ramani

Songs For Understanding

"Meet In The Middle"

Diamond Rio

'Starting With Me"

Jake Owen

Films For Understanding

"A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood"


"Life As A House"


Films For Understanding

"Big Fish"


"The Story Of Us"


Written Resources

The Ancient Practices"

By Dan Allender

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"Covenant Relationships'

By Norman Willis

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"Boundary Stones: 

Divine Parameters For Faith And Life"

By Aaron Eby

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For Leaders"

By Cloud and Townsend

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"Boundaries Updated And Expanded Edition: 

When to Say Yes, 

How To Say No To Take Control Of Your Life"

By Cloud and Townsend

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With Teenagers"

By Cloud and Townsend

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"For Men Only: 

What You Need To Know About The Inner 

Lives Of Women"

by Jeff Feldhahn

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"For Women Only: 

What You Need To Know About The Inner 

Lives Of Men"

by Shanti Feldhahn

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"The Proper Care And Feeding Of Marriage"

by Schlessinger

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"How To Improve Your Marriage Without 

Talking About It"

By Steven Stosney And Patricia Edd Love

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"Hope Focused Marriage Counseling: 

A Guide 

To Brief Therapy"

By Everett L. 

Worthington Jr. 

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"Boundaries In Marriage"

By Cloud And Townsend

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"Marriage And Money 

God's Way"

By Howard Dayton

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"The UnVeiled Wife:

Embracing Intimacy With God And Your Husband"

By Jennifer Smith

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"The 7 Principles Of Making Marriage Work:

A Practical Guide From The Country's Foremost Relationship Expert"

By Dr. John Gottman

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