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Many False Messiahs Will Come

For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and show Great signs and wonders so as to lead astray, 

If possible, even the chosen.

Gospel Of Matthew Chapter 24 Verse 24

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Inspiring Philosophy: Mythological Objections

Jesus Vs. Mithra

Jesus Vs. Horus

The Heart Of Anti-Messiah

Nimrod-The First Anti-Messiah

119 Ministries

The Heart Of The Anti-Messiah

119 Ministries 

Mythology And Hollywood's False Messiahs

"Thor" Trailer

(Bel Zeus)

"Aquaman" Trailer

(Bel Dagon)

Alien Theory

"Midnight Special" Trailer

'Ancient Aliens: Alien Resurrection Theory"

Modern Counterfeits

Modern Anti-Messiahs 

Ancient Discoveries Series

False Messiahs In History


American Theory

"Who Is The Anti-Christ?" 

Greg Laurie

"Agents Of The Apocalypse"

 David Jeremiah

The Danite Theory?

"Is He Coming From Dan?" Part 1

With Perry Stone

"Is He Coming From Dan?" Part 1

By Perry Stone

A Jewish Anti-Messiah?

Anti-Messiah In Odessa?

John Paul Jackson Correspondence

Jared Kushner (Jewish Owner Of 666 5th Avenue/Lucent RFID Company)

European Anti-Christ?

Who Is The Anti-Christ?

The Royal Anti-Christ?

Adventist And Nazarene Israel Theories

Revelations Mark Of The Beast

3 Angels Broadcasting 

Revelation And The End Times: Part 3

Norman Willis 

Muhammedism And Mormonism 

The Roots Of Islam In Christianity

The Biography Of Joseph Smith Jr. 

The Islamic Theory

"Is The Mahdi The Anti-Messiah?"

By Joel Richardson

'Bloodline Of The Beast" 

By Perry Stone

The Papal Theory

Defending Catholicism Podcast

By Robert Haddad

Call By Pope For Pentecostals To Unite

Commentary By Doug Bachelor 

Expectations Of The Anti-Christ (Dr. Chuck Missler)

Expectations Of The Anti-Christ Part 1

Expectations Of The Anti-Christ Part 2

Expectations Of The Anti-Christ (Dr. Chuck Missler)

Expectations Of The Anti-Christ Part 3


Pope Francis Sends Message To Pentecostals "Let's Unite"

Songs For Encouragement

"In Christ Alone"

By Kristine DiMarco

'Your Great Name"

By Natalie Grant

Written Resources 

"Kingdom Of The Cults"

By Walter Martin

Order Resource 

"The Marks Of A Cult"

By David Breese

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"Freedom Of Mind: 

Helping Loved Ones 

Leave Controlling 

People, Cults,

And Beliefs"

By Steve Hassan

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"Revelation And 

The End Times" 

By Norman Willis

Free Download

"Agents Of Babylon: 

What The Prophecies Of Daniel Tell Us About 

The End Of Days" 

By David Jeremiah

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"End Time Delusions"

By Steve Wohlberg

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"The Antichrist And A

 Cup Of Tea"

By Tim Cohen 

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The Left Behind Series"

Jerry Jenkins And 

Tim LaHaye

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"Mystery Babylon:

 Unlocking The Bible's Greatest Prophetic Mystery"

By Joel Richardson

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"The Great Controversy"

By E.G. White

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"Observations Upon The Book Of Daniel And The 

Apocalypse Of St. John"

By Sir Isaac Newton

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"Unleashing The Beast"

By Perry Stone

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