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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Legends About Dan

The Rebels Of Israel And Solomon's Sailors

Deuteronomy 33: 

Dan In The Land

"For Dan he said,

Dan is a lion’s cub

Leaping out of the Bashan"

Genesis 49:

Dan In The Last Days 

"Dan will judge his people,

As one of the tribes of Israel.

Let Dan be a serpent beside a road,

A viper beside a path,

Who strikes a horse’s heels,

So that its rider falls backward.

For your salvation I wait, Adonai!"

Resources For Further Study Of Dan

Dan In History

Jewish Encyclopedia

Learn More

Dan In Typology


Learn More

Dan In Legend

Brit Am

Learn More

Personality Of The Tribe Of Dan (Light House Church Of All Nations)

Remnants Of Dan In The Middle East And Asia

The Danites Of Eurasia

The Danites In Parthia 

Rescuing The Ethiopian Jews (The Beta Dan)

"Why Is Israel Banning Ethiopian Jews From Immigrating? DW

"Saving The Forgotten Jews"

BBC News

The Nation Called To Teach Worship

Let them praise His Name with dancing. 

Let them sing praises to Him with tambourine and harp.

Psalms Of David Chapter 149 Verse 3

Course In Celtic Christianity

Was St. Patrick A Messianic Jew?

(One For Israel)

Learn More

St. Patrick The Sabbath Keeper? (BeYeSeparate)

The Celtic Saints

St. Patrick

Apostle Of Ireland

On The Trail Of The Celtic Saints

Vision Video

Danites In History

Danites In Greek History?

Learn More

 Danaani Celts 

And Danes

Learn More

Danite Sailors

In Africa And Lebanon

Learn More

Irish Slavery

Fact Or Fiction?

Learn More

Why Is Dan Missing From Revelation 7?

Learn More

Movies About The Danites

"Sampson" Trailer 

"Troy" Trailer 

Movies About The Danites

"Far And Away" Trailer 

"Gangs Of New York" Trailer 

Written Resources

"Prayer in the Night:

 For Those Who Work 

Or Watch Or Weep"

By Tish Harrison-Warren

Order Resource

"Liturgy And Ritual Of 

The Celtic Church"

F.E. Warren

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"The Book Of

Common Prayer"

Compiled By 

D.L. Thomas

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"How The Irish 

Saved Civilization"

By Thomas Cahill

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"To Hell Or Barbados:

The Ethnic Cleansing 

Of Ireland"

By Sean O'Callaghan

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"The Lost Ten Tribes Of 


By Steven Collins

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"The Ancient Israeli Tribe Of Dan And The Sea Peoples"

Dr. John Bennett

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"Hebrews In 

Ancient America"

James Trimm

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"From Babylon 

To Timbuktu: 

A History Of The Ancient Black Races Including 

The Black Hebrews"

By Rudolph Windsor

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"The Tribes:

The Israelite Origin 

Of Western People"

Yair Davidy

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The Hebrew Identity 

Of Celtic Races"
By Yair Davidy

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The Gentile Children 

Of Israel"

By Yair Davidy

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Tribe of Dan 

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