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The Old Country

Jacob called his sons and said to them: 

Gather together so that I can tell you 

What will happen to you in the last days.

Genesis (In The Beginning) Chapter 49 Verse 1

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

European Torah Fellowship

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British Isles Torah Fellowship

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Course In Celtic Christianity‚Äč

Sacred Groves And The Celts-The BBC

Are There Lost Israelite Tribes In Europe?

Learn More

Did Jesus Visit Europe?

'The Lost Voyage Of Jesus" 

Was Jesus In Spain? - Syndicado TV

"And Did Those Feet? Part 1

Was Jesus In England?-Martin Trench

Bones Reveal Middle Eastern Peoples

 In Ireland 1,000 Years Before The Celts?

Learn More

Israelites Hidden In The Protestant Churches

Hidden Genetics In

 Protestant Churches?

America And Britain In 

Bible Prophecy?

Europe And The Last Days

The Royal Family Theory

European Theory

The Jewish Heritage Of Europe

BBC Real Stories

"The Jewish People Of England"

"Migrations: Russian And 

Eastern European Jews" By Carnegie Hall

Hidden Jewishness In Scotland, Spain And Portugal?

When Scotland Was Jewish?

Hidden Jews In Spain And Portugal?

Daily Life In Old Europe

'The True History Of English Food"
With Historian Lucy Worsley

"Servants: A True History Of Life 

Below Stairs" BBC Documentary

History In Film: New Ideas In The Old World

"Amazing Grace" 

The William Wilberforce Story


The Martin Luther Story

History In Film: Resistance Heroes

"Defiance" Trailer 

"Sophie Scholl: The Final Days' Trailer

History In Film: The Communist Era 

'What Was Life Like Under Communism?" 

"Goodbye Lenin" Trailer

History In Film: Famous Fighters In European History

"Braveheart' Trailer 

"Elizabeth: The Golden Age" Trailer

Help Europe

The Russian Bible Project

With The Sabbath Keeping Churches

Exodus Cry

 "Because Every Person Should Be Free"

Songs That Made History

"Amazing Grace" My Chains Are Gone

Chris Thomlin Version

"Handel's Messiah" 

(Given To Him In A Dream) 

Performed By 

The London Phil Harmonic Orchestra

Written Resources 

"Amazing Grace: 

The Life Of 

William Wilberforce"

By John Piper 

Order Resource 

"Martin Luther: 

The Man Who 

Rediscovered God And Changed The World"

By Eric Mataxas

Order Resource 

"Pilgrim's Progress: 


Modern English"

John Bunyan (Author), 

Mark Christensen 

Order Resource 


The History And Mystery Of The Ancient Celtic Priests"

By Charles River

Order Resource

"How The Irish 

Saved Civilization"

By Thomas Cahill

Order Resource

"How The Scotts

 Invented The 

Modern World"

By Arthur Herman

Order Resource 

"Foxe's Book Of Martyrs"

By John Foxe

Order Resource

"When Scotland

 Was Jewish"

By Donald Yates

Order Resource 

"The Lost Ten Tribes 

Of Israel Found"

By Stephen Collins

Order Resource

"Out From Hiding: Discovering Jewish Roots Among Latinos"

By Dell Sanchez

Order Resource

"A Dark History 

Of The Popes"

By Brenda Ralph Lewis

Order Resource 

"The Great Controversy"

By E.G. White

Order Resource 

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