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The Transformative Power Of Fasting

So I set my face to the Lord God to seek Him 

By prayer and supplications, 

With fasting, sackcloth and ashes.

The Prophet Daniel Chapter 9 Verse 3

Tree Of Life Version

"Psalm 16 Media"

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Health And Wellness Coaching

(With Tierney Dubi Of

The Dream Helper Network)

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Childhood Trauma And Overeating (The Crappy Childhood Fairy)

Spiritual And Physical Power Of Fasting

"The Power of Fasting and Prayer" 

with Pastor Jentezen Franklin

"The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting"

with Dr. Josh Axe

Fasting And Spiritual Growth

"Does Fasting Help?"

By Dr. Charles Stanley

'What Happens When 

We Fast And Pray?"

By Jentezen Franklin

Worship And Fasting

"Worship While You Fast"

By Jentezen Franklin 

"Spiritual Keys To Fasting"

By Jentezen Franklin 

The Fast God Requires 

'Isaiah 58: The Fast God Chooses"

With Tony Evans 

'"Isaiah 58: Doing Justice And Mercy"

With Timothy Keller 

Jewish Views On Fasting

"What Fasting Does For You"

With Rabbi Schneider

"How Fasting Can Free You"

With Rabbi Schneider

Jewish Views On Fasting

'Discover The Benefits Of Fasting"

With Rabbi Schneider

"Why We Fast"

Rabbi Schneider

Derek Prince And Rick Warren On Fasting

How To Successfully Fast"

By Derek Prince 

'Learn How To Fast And Pray For A Breakthrough" With Rick Warren 

Young Leaders On Fasting 

"Starve Demons Out"

Pastor Vlad 

"Fasting And Why You Should"
Pd Vander Westhuizen (Rise On Fire)

Yom Kippur And Fasting

'God's Prophetic Calendar-Yom Kippur"

By Passion For Truth

"Is Yom Kippur A Day Of Fasting?"

By 119 Ministries 

"Fasting And Deception" Kevin L. Ewing

The Daniel Fast?

"How To Do A Daniel Fast"

By Dr. Axe 

"The Daniel Fast"

By Jordan Rubin 

The Medical Side Of Fasting

"Which Type Of Fasting Is Right For You?" Dr. Josh Axe

"6 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes"

Dr. Josh Axe 

Medical Benefits Of Fasting

"Intermittent Fasting" Ted Talk

Medical Benefits of Intermittent Fasting


'One Night With The King"

 (Esther The Queen)

"The Book of Daniel" 

(The Prophet Daniel)

Songs For Encouragement 

'Thy Will Be Done" 

"While I'm Waiting"

Written Resources

"Reigniting Spirit 

And Truth"

By PD Vander Westhuizen

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"Fasting For Breakthrough And Deliverance"

By John Eckhardt

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The Key To Releasing God's Power In Your Life"

 By Derek Prince

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By Jentezen Franklin

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"Fasting Journal: 

Your Personal 21-Day Guide To A Successful Fast"

Jentezen Franklin

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"The Fasting Edge: 

Recover Your Passion. Reclaim Your Purpose. Restore 

Your Joy" 

By Jentezen Franklin

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