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Resources and Inheritance

House and wealth are an inheritance from fathers, 

But a prudent wife is from Adonai.

Proverbs Chapter 19 Verse 14 

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16 

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

The Tithe Controversy (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)


Business Ethics In The Bible (Rabbi Daniel Lapin)

Local Practical Assistance (211)

211 Resource Line 

Homeless Shelter Directory

Find A Shelter

Food Pantry 


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Help Paying Bills


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Money Wise 

Family Ministry

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Crown Financial Ministry

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Dave Ramsey

Financial Peace University

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Primerica: Get Licensed For Insurance And Financial Products To Earn Recurring Lifetime Income

(Mention that you were Referred for the Program By

 Future Insurance Agent Brian Newman-4FCJY )

Reach Out To Agent Angelea Castro To Get Started


Investment App. (Rounds Debit Card Purchases Up

To The Nearest Dollar Then Places In Investments)

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"More Lord Kingdom"
Christian Business Podcast

Listen Here

"Abusing The Poor" Dr. John McArthur

God Always Provides (Testimonies)

"God Will Always Provide"

with Recie Saunders

"God Always Provides" 

with Paul Washer

Business Blesses Others

A woman named Lydia—a seller of purple cloth 

From the city of Thyatira, 

A God-fearer—was listening. 

The Lord opened her heart to respond to 

What Paul was saying.

Acts Of The Apostles Chapter 16 Verse 14

Alex Hilbert

Financial Adviser

Hilbert Financial Group

Contact Alex

Dr. Angel Storm

Manifold Mind

Business Coaching

Contact Angel

Becky Anderson

Financial Adviser

At Edward Jones

Contact Becky

Financial Wisdom From The Bible 

(With Rabbi Daniel Lapin)

"Business Secrets From The Bible"

'Creativity And Making Money"

The Gospels On Wealth And Wisdom?

Wealth And Wisdom

Shabbat Night Live

The Biblical Entrepreneur

A Rood Awakening

"Financial Peace University" With Dave Ramsey

Financial Peace University

The 7 Baby Steps 

Financial Peace University 

(Temporary 14 Day Free Trial)

Free For 14 Days

Saving Money And Avoiding Scams With Clark Howard

"How To Save Money On Groceries"

'How To Spot A Work from Home Scam"

Money Wise Live With Howard Dayton And Steve Moore

Practical Wisdom For Youth

"Don't Follow Your Passion' 

with Mike Rowe

"Work Vs. Dreams"

Killing Lions

Rich Dad/Poor Dad (Test With Scripture)

Rich Vs Poor Mindset

Robert Kiyosaki

4 Assets That Make You Rich

Robert Kiyosaki

Life Insurance, Investing And Earning With Primerica

Contact Brian Newman For Appointment

Faith Based Financial Advising 

Christian Investor Services And Education

Hebrew Financial Adviser Alex Hilbert

Lawful Money

 (Silver, Gold And Copper Rounds)

Order Rounds

Investing In Foreign Exchange And Films 

Forex Alternate Currency Investment

The Chosen: Invest In Christian Film

Clay Trader: Stock Trading Reality Podcast

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"Financial Peace University" 

Dave Ramsey Classes

Dave's Classes

Daniel Lapin's

Jewish Financial Wisdom Podcast

Rabbi Lapin's Site

Clark Howard's

Radio Show

Clark's Show

Student Loan 

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Kingdom Hire

With Zachy Perez

(Work from Home)

Learn More

Clark Howard

(Work From Home Companies)

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Spiritual Cause And Effect

Curses And Poverty

Injustice And Poverty

Sabbatical And Jubilee Years And The Economy

"The Mystery Of The Sabbatical Year"

with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

'Sabbatical And Jubilee Years 

And The Stock Market" with Joseph Dumond

VA Small

 Business Loans

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Vista Print 

Business Materials 

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Wild Apricots 

Business Services 

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Films For Review 

Chris Gardner Interview 

'The Pursuit Of Happiness" Trailer 

Songs For Encouragement

'Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind"

by Confederate Railroad

"I'm About To Come Alive"

by Train 

Written Resources 

"The Seven 

Money Types"

Tommy Woods

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"Money And Marriage 

God's Way"

By Howard Dayton

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"God, Greed And The 

Prosperity Gospel"

By Costi Hinn

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"What Does The Bible Teach About Tithing?" U.C.G.

Free Download

"Church Administration 

And Finance Manual"

By Otto Cummings,

Stan Kukawka And 

Frank Whitman

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How Biblical Free Enterprise Can Empower Your Faith, Family, And Freedom"

By Josh Tolley

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"The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: 

A Proven Plan For 

Financial Fitness"

Dave Ramsey

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"Rich Dad Poor Dad: 

What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That 

The Poor And Middle Class 

Do Not!"

Robert Kiyosaki

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"Clark Howard's Living Large In Lean Times: 250+ Ways To Buy Smarter, Spend Smarter,

 And Save Money"

Clark Howard

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