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Love Covers A Multitude Of Sins

Above all, keep your love for one another Constant, 

For “love covers a multitude of sins.

1st Epistle Of Peter Chapter 4 Verse 8

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Dr. Sayra Greene

(Dream Helper Network)

Reach Out To Dr. Sayra

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)


Focus On The Family

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Focus On The Family

The Hope Line

Contact The HopeLine

Churches Care

Find Help From 

Local Ministers

Christians For Biblical Equality

Find A Counselor

The Women In Ministry Debate?

Scripture Or Paul's Opinion? Dr. Michael Heiser

Women In Ministry In Eden? Dr. Michael Heiser

Women In The New Testament Church (Dr. Michael Heiser)

Women Preaching: Debates And Perspectives

Should Women Preach In Churches?
Debate At Founder's Ministries

SBC President Al Mohler

(If Women Preached, 

Would Men Stop Ministering?)

"Ask Anything" Podcast

Women In Ministry Leadership? Mike Winger

Was Mary An Apostle?
Mike Winger

Were Women Overseers, Elders Or Deacons?

Mike Winger

Complimentarianism Vs Egalitarianism (Pastor Mike Winger)

Women Silent In Churches?
Mike Winger

"He Shall Rule Over You?"

Mike Winger

Understanding The Opposite Sex

Understanding The Opposite Sex

Part 1: Shaunti Felhahn (Men)

Understanding The Opposite Sex

Part 2: Shaunti Feldhahn (Women)

Wounding And Gender

"The Mother Wound"

"The Father Wound"

Masculinity And Emotional Development

"How To Respond When Your Son Cries"
Jason Wilson

"Emotional Rest For Men"
Jason Wilson

Biblical Cultural Context

"Honor And Shame"

With David De Silva 

'The Ancient Community Mindset"

Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

"Eunuchs For The Sake Of The Kingdom" Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

"Let's Talk Shalom" Interview with Ryan Sanctified: From Gay To Christ

"A Church Should Be More Like A Bar In Ways" 

 Joe Dallas Discusses Homosexuality In The Church

Church Responses To Homosexuality

"What Do Christian Feel About Homosexuality?" Timothy Keller

"God, Sex, And Culture"

Sy Rogers

Charismatic Views

"Airplane Encounter" 

With Recie Saunders

White Owls: Seeing Past The Darkness

With Kris Volloton

A Pastor's Journey Out Of Same Sex Attraction

By Matthew Walker

Follow Blog

"Pro-Law Christians And Homosexuality"

By Sean Fisher

Read Article

"Lauren Daigle And The Homosexuality Question" 

"Responding To A Child That Believes They Are Gay? Q And A" 

With Alan Parr


'Change Of Affection" 

A Gay Man's Journey

"Freedom From The Homosexual Lifestyle"

 With Shalom Media 

Transgender To Transformed: Laura Perry's Story

Youtube Sensation Antoine Dodson (Change In Lifestyle)

Antoine Dodson Story Of Early Sexual Trauma

Antoine Dodson On Leaving Hate Group

Can You Be A Gay Christian? Extended Interview 

"Living Waters" Finding Help 

From Others Who Struggle

Find Support

Songs For Encouragement

"Hard Love" By Need To Breathe And Andra Day

"Medication" By Derek Webb

Written Resources

"Is God A Misogynist?:

Understanding The Bible's 

Difficult Passages Towards Women"

David Wilber

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"Cry Like A Man:

Fighting For Freedom From  

Emotional Incarceration"

by Jason Wilson

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"Purging Your House, 

Pruning Your

 Family Tree"

by Perry Stone

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"Coping Skills For

 Kid's Workbook"

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"Body Boundaries: 

Consent And Respect"

by Jayneen Sanders

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"The Sacred Romance"
by John Eldredge

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"When Homosexuality 

Hit Homes: 

What To Do When A Loved One Says I'm Gay"

by Joe Dallas

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"Becoming Myself" 

by Stasi Eldredge

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"A Change Of Affections"

Becket Cook And 

Francis Chan

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"Fathered By God:
Learning What Your 

Dad Could Never
Teach You"

by John Eldredge

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"Context For Adults: Sexuality, Social Identity And

Kinship Relations In The Bible (Context For Kids) 

(Volume 3)"

by Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

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"Can Homosexuality 

Be Healed?"

Written by

 Francis MacNutt

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"The Gay Gospel:
How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread The Bible"
with Joe Dallas

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"The Wounded Heart: 

Hope For Grown 

Children Of 

Sexual Abuse"

Written by 
Dan Allender

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"Context For Adults: Sexuality, Social Identity And Kinship Relations In The Bible (Context For Kids) 

(Volume 3)"

by Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

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"The Jews In The 

Time Of Jesus: 

An Introduction"

by Stephen Wylen

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"Social World Of Luke-Acts: Models For Interpretation"

by Jerome Neyrey 

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"Loves God Likes Girls: 

A Memoir"

By Sally Gary 

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'The Birth Order Book:

Why You Are The

 Way You Are"

Dr. Kevin Leman

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Engaging Your Teen's World: Understanding What Today's Youth Are Thinking,

 Doing, And Watching

By David Eaton , 

Jeremiah Callihan

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