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Business Blesses Others

A woman named Lydia—a seller of purple cloth 

From the city of Thyatira, 

A God-fearer—was listening. 

The Lord opened her heart to respond to 

What Paul was saying.

Acts Of The Apostles Chapter 16 Verse 14

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Torah Keeping 
Coaches, Counselors

And Ministers 

For Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

The Tithe Controversy (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)


Making Money And The Bible

"Business Secrets From The Bible"

with Daniel Lapin

"The Ten Commandments

 Of Making Money" 

with Daniel Lapin

Praxis: Redeeming Entrepreneurship Course

With Andy Crouch

Redeeming Entrepreneurship

Small Business Administration

Mentorship Program

Find A Mentor

Primerica: Get Licensed For Insurance And Financial Products To Earn Recurring Lifetime Income

(Mention that you were Referred for the Program By

 Future Insurance Agent Brian Newman-4FCJY )

Reach Out To Agent Angelea Castro To Get Started

Goshen Social

(The Set Apart Social Network)

Join The Network

Torah Business Network

FB Group For Torah Keeping Businesses

Cleveland, Tennessee AIR BNB

(Owners Mark and Jan Hicks)

Contact Mark

AirBnB Missouri

(Riverside Camper)

Contact Jake/Ciara

Air BnB 

Cleveland, Tennessee


Contact Dawn

Air BnB Arizona


Contact Molly

Tassels And Worship Tools By Hebrews

Sarah Voelkel

Tzit Tzits By Sara 

Reach Out

Michel Noel

Yah's Forget Me Knots

Reach Out

Ariella Hannah


Reach Out

Messiah's Worship Warriors Of The World

(Native Worship Tools By Kaui Eiklor)

Order Worship Tools

Birthing And Heath Care

Illinois Naturopathy

Naturopathic Care For Messianics

(Donation Based)

Learn More

Non-Toxic Colloidal Silver Cleaners

(Nikki's Non-Toxics)

Order Cleaners

Registered Nurse

Perinatal Care Coaching

(Carole Ann Holsapple)

Reach Out

Traveling Mohel

Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser


Reach Out

Lenin Baby Clothes

Elizabeth Reynold

Tahorah Designs

Reach Out

Dr. Sayra Green (Torah Keeper)

Doctorate In Christian Counseling

Reach Out

Thomas Fine Woodworks

(Bowls, Salt And Pepper Sets, Kitchen Items And More)

Thomas Fine Woodworks is owned and operated by Marine Corps Veteran and Torah Keeper Aaron Thomas. Aaron offers custom luxury woodworking like you can't find anywhere else!

Shop Here

Chattanooga Area Builders And Construction Trades

Johnny Woodard 

Home Repair

Reach Out 

Hans Anderson

 Custom Woodwork

Reach Out 

Aaron Cogdill 


Reach Out

Tony Boyatt 

Boyatt Plans (Drafting) 

Reach Out

Judah McConnell

Home Repairs 

Reach Out 

Michael Milligan 
Timber Frame Cabins

Reach Out 

Car Detailing, Veterinary And Assembly

Dale Bennett


Auto Detailing

Reach Out

Patrick Tyree

Veterinary Services

Reach Out 

Fred Clark

Assembly Services

Reach Out

Web Design And Web Marketing Services

Jonathan Lankford

Aviv Sites

Websites And Media Management For 

Business And Ministry

Reach Out

David Dixson

Intergalactic Web Services

(WordPress Based 

Web Design And Advertising)

Reach Out

Psalm 16 Recommended

Ministry Building Services

Reach Out


Erik Mecherle Photography

Reach Out

Han Anderson

Classical Musician

Reach Out 

Tucker Wayne

DJ Services

Reach Out 

Larry Pratt

Messianic Jewish

Wedding Officiator 


Reach Out 

Pauly Fletcher

Wedding Officiator 

(South Carolina Only)

Reach Out 

Kerry Anderson


Make-Up Artist

Reach Out 


Borys And Joseph Polon

(located in Costa Rica)

Reach Out

Amy Wilson (Wedding Officiant)

East Tennessee

Contact Amy 

Ma'am's Hot Jams

Hot Jams, Elderberry/Kombucha, Heath Services

Misty Dittman

Gourmet HOT Jams 

And Jellies

Ma'am's Hot Jam

Reach Out

Casey Watson

Elderberry Syrup 

And Kombucha

Reach Out

New Day Health Spa

Reach Out

Pets And Livestock

Rare Pets-Reptiles

E.B. Exotics

(Elizabeth Brown)

Shop For Pets

Beauty And Cosmetics

Beard Oil

(Abbie Covington)

Reach Out

Thieves Oil

Native American Blend

Indigenous Family Advocacy

(Deanna Taylor)

Reach Out

The Orr Family

Ancient Biblical Oils

Reach Out

Kosher Cosmetics

(Sarah Oswalt)

Reach Out

Soaps/Bath Products

Cherry Log Farms

(Leslie Boyatt)

Reach Out

Natural Shampoos

The Little House

(Jess Ann)

Reach Out

Skilled Crafts

Bezaleel Metal Works

(Colt Coates)

Reach Out

Allen Guthrie

Wooden Mezuzahs 

And Menorahs

Reach Out 

 Marine Aaron Thomas

Wooden Utensils

Reach Out

The Wellness Cabinet

Raw Honey And Tinctures 

And Syrups

(Carley Kodesh)

Reach Out 

Corey Snider

Wooden Gifts

Reach Out

April Wendland

Set Apart Vinyl Designs

Vinyl Decals/

Bumper Stickers

Reach Out

Anthony Holmes

Beltana Signs

Reach Out

Cannon Keepsakes

Order Keepsakes And Decals


Alex Hilbert

Hilbert Financial Group

Reach Out

Jason Caissie

Lawful Money

Silver/Gold Rounds

Reach Out

Anna Kaiser

Accounting Services

Reach Out 


Lori Morgan 

Life Insurance 

Reach Out 

Pauly Fletcher

Notary Public

(South Carolina Only)

Reach Out 

 Karine Cherry

Legal Shield

Reach Out

Carol Holden

Life Insurance

Reach Out


Justin McCullough


Reach Out

Laura McCullough


Reach Out

Destiny Hancock

Ghostwriting, Editing, Formatting, Proofreading

Reach Out

Manning The Gate Publishing

Get Your Work Reviewed!

David Wilber

(Pro-Nomian Publishing)

Pro-Nomian Publishing

Audrey Rucker Eaves

Editorial And Publishing

(Lamed Vav)

Lamed Vav House Publishing

Angela Sullivan 

Typing, Copying

Data Entry, Accounting, 

(Ang. Administrative)

Ang. Administrative


Victor Shultz

Website Design

Reach Out

Jonathan Andrew Brown

Tech. Consulting-

T-Shirt Design



Reach Out

Laura McCullough

Graphics And Design

(Speak Your Soul)

Learn More


Jenny Graham

Women's Natural 

Fabric Fashions

Reach Out

Elizebath Reynolds


Linen Clothing And Designs

Tahorah Designs

Christelle Sternbaum

Custom Order Designs 

Reach Out

Sacred Apparel (From Twink Johnson)

Find Some Sacred Apparel


Julianna Patton

Real Estate Middle Tennessee

Reach Out

Kathy Pierides

Real Estate Florida

Reach Out

Lilia Berzon

Real Estate NY (Apts)

Reach Out

Stephanie McCracken

Real Estate Missouri

Reach Out 

4D Drone Photography 

And Video

(Ozarks Luxury

Real Estate Tours)

Reach Out

Erich Mecherle

Real Estate Photography

Contact Brian

Allyssa Botticelli 

South East Tennessee

Contact Alisa 

Jonathan Stoltz

Movement Mortgage

Contact Jonathan

Steve Moutrey

South East Tennessee

Contact Steve

Peter Sander

Exp Realty


Reach Out

Casey Long

KW Realty


Reach Out

Service Name

Learn More

Pro-Nomians With MLM's

Pauly Fletcher 

Young Living Oils

Reach Out

Stephanie McCracken

Jordan Essentials

Reach Out

Mary Kay Houck Schultz

DoTerra Oils 

Reach Out

Catherine Davidson 

Solle Naturals

Reach Out

Rauna Pennington


Reach Out 

Dana Fordice


Reach Out

 Services By Faith-Based Friends

Christian Rice

Digital Media Production And Branding Specialist

Reach Out

Delia Demaris

Forex Currency 


Reach Out

Deborah Shipp 

Events Coordinator

And Floral Arrangement

Reach Out 

Maxine Golden Confidence Coaching 
(Torah Keeper Maxine Golden)

Learn More

Brian's Interviews With Hebrew Business Owners

Financial Adviser Alex Hilbert Interview 

E-Sports Coaching with Ron Hamlin

Marketing And Design Files For Download

SVG, PNG, Cut Files, Silhouette, Cricut

By "Speak Your Soul" Design

View Files For Sale 


Website Color Designs

Learn More


Free Stock Photos

Learn More


Vinyl Decal Company 

(April Wendland)

Learn More

Business Tools

Resources To Help You Be More Fruitful 

Wild Apricots: Fundraising and Organizational Management

Find Business Resource Here

VistaPrint: Websites and Marketing Materials For Your Business

Find Business Resource Here 

Learning To Market

"Got Milk?"

The BuzzBuble Interviews Rich Silverstein

"Forget Everything You Know And It Will Make Your Work Famous"

Jeff Goodby at AANA RESET 2014 - 

Written Resources


By Josh Tolley

Order Resource 

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

 By Stephen R. Covey

Order Resource 

"Business Secrets 

From The Bible" 

By Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Order Resource