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Scriptures For Prisoners

 But about midnight, Paul and Silas were 

Praying and singing hymns to God, 

And the prisoners were listening to them.

Acts Of The Apostles Chapter 16 Verse 25

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid Society helps provide 

Legal Services for certain situations to low-income Americans. 

The website help you find your local legal aid office. 

Contact Legal Aid 

Companies That Hire Ex-Offenders

Learn More

The Father's Blessing

The Father Effect 

The Father's Blessing

In Person Help For Trauma And Recovery 

Celebrate Recovery Community Help

Healing Rooms For Spiritual Help

Kairos: Prison Ministry

Learn More


Cell Mates With Messiah 

Gangster Finds God In Solitary

Other Kinds Of Incarceration

Nick Vijicic At Telford State Prison

Life Without Limbs And Prison Ministry

"Cry Like A Man: Freeing Men From The Prison Of Emotional Incarceration" 

James Wilson

Strong Men Tell Their Stories 

Men Need To Talk 

About Their Sexual Abuse

Lead Singer Of Slipknot Opens Up About Childhood Sexual Trauma

Testimony Of Machine Gun Preacher And His Wife

"The Machine Gun Preacher"

Sam Childer's Testimony

"From Drugs To Jesus"

Machine Gun Preacher Wife's Testimony

Right To Write Foundation

(Serving Prisoners And Their Families)

Learn More

Resources For The Incarcerated

Breakpoint Prison Fellowship

The Innocence Project

Half-Way Houses For Christians And Hebrews

Restoration Ranch For Hebrews 

(Note R.R. has closed it's doors)

Restoration Ranch is a working farm in Florida for men who are recently released from incarceration or who are suffering from addiction that want a fresh start and a fresh faith. It is administered by Pastor Lee Horn.

(Brian-Asriel Newman has visited here in person and knows Pastor Lee and his wife).

Check them out HERE 

Dismas House For Christians

Dismas House is a Christian Half-Way House for men who are being released from incarceration. Its focus is on reintegration into the community through employment, partnerships with local colleges and a weekday meal with community members every night. 

(Brian-Asriel Newman once worked for Dismas House)

Check them out HERE

Dismas House And Restoration Ranch (Note R.R. has Closed)

Restoration Ranch Ministry Interview

Dismas House 

Breakpoint Prison Fellowship effecting actual Legislative Processes


This Articles talks about Programs that train Prisoners to enter Ministry.

Training Programs

The History of Dismas House and how to Apply For Dismas House

Dismas House

Prison Fellowship: Bibles For Inmates

Provide Bibles For Prisoners

Teen Challenge

Sabbath Keepers Prison Fellowship 

And Prison Ministry

Help Provide Passover For Prisoners

Help Prisoners Get Bibles

"Hallelujah Scriptures" 

For Prisoners And Prison Libraries

"The Bible Project" For Prisons (DVDs)

Movies To Understand The Prison Experience

"The Shawshank Redemption" Trailer 

"The Green Mile" Trailer

Movies To Understand The Prison Experience

"American History X" Trailer

(Adult Content)

"Blood Father" Trailer

(Adult Content)

Songs For Encouragement

'Dyin' Day" Brandon Heath

"What Love Really Means" JJ Heller

Songs For The Journey Home

'Home" Tedashii

"Testify" Social Club Misfits And Crowder

Songs For Encouragement

"Redeemed" Big Daddy Weave

"No Longer A Slave' Zac Williams

Written Resources 

"Cry Like A Man:
Freeing Men From The Prison 

Of Emotional Incarceration"

Jason Wilson

Order Resource

"Best Resumes And 

Letters For Ex-Offenders

 (Overcoming Barriers To Employment Success)"

 Wendy S. Enelow And 

Ronald Krannich

Order Resource 

"The Ex-Offender's New Job Finding And Survival Guide: 

10 Steps For Successfully 


The Work World" 

Ronald L. Krannich, 

Joyce Lain Kennedy

Order Resource 

"Grit: How To Get A Job And Build A Career With A

Criminal Record"

By Harley T. Blakeman

Order Resource 

"The Cross And

The Switchblade"

By David Wilkerson 

John And 

Elizabeth Sherrill

Order Resource

"The Shot Caller: 

A Latino Gangbanger’s Miraculous Escape From A 

Life Of Violence To A 

New Life In Christ"

By Nick Cruz, Casey Diaz, 

Mike Yorkey

Order Resource

"The Machine 

Gun Preacher"

By Sam Childers

Order Resource 

"The Dedicated Ex-Prisoner's Guide To Life And Success On The Outside:

 10 Rules For Making It In Society After Doing Time"

By Richard Brown

Order Resource 

"Recycled People: 

The Reality Of Re-Entry"

Glenna McCarthy

Order Resource 

"American Prison: 

A Reporter's Undercover Journey Into The 

Business Of Punishment"

By Shane Bauer 

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