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Standing In The Gap For Others

For thus says Adonai: “Yes, captives of the mighty will be 

Taken and the prey of the tyrant will be freed. 

For I will oppose your adversary. I will save your children.

The Prophet Isaiah Chapter 49 Verse 5

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


School Of Intercession

Famous Intercessors In Scripture

With Derek Prince

"Ruling By Prayer"

With Derek Prince

Courts Of Heaven Theory

Cautions About The Courts Of Heaven Theory

"Remnant Radio" Warning About 

The Courts Of Heaven 

"Fighting For The Faith" Warning About 

The Courts Of Heaven

The Keys To Answered Intercession Prayers 

The Main Key To Answered Prayer 

With Perry Stone 

The Secrets Of Powerful Intercessors

With Perry Stone 

Interceding For Your Children 

"Breaking The Spirits That Are 

Battling Your Children" By Perry Stone

"Prayers That Will Bring Deliverance

 To Your Children" By Perry Stone

Prayers For Building Walls And Weapons  

"Building A Divine Hedge Of Protection" 

By Perry Stone 

'Four  Weapons Often Ignored 

That Can Help You Win Battles" 

By Perry Stone

Justice And Intercession


 With John Paul Jackson

"Keys to Receiving God's Justice" 

With John Paul Jackson

The Jezebel And Absalom Spirits That Come Against Pastors

The Jezebel Spirit (Covert Narcissism)

The Absalom Spirit (Overt Narcissism)

Power Of The Blessing

Blessings And Curses

The Father's Blessing

Cautions In Intercession

"5 Warnings About 2nd Heaven Warfare" 

With John Paul Jackson

"Needless Casualties Of War"

With John Paul Jackson

Healing Rooms And Prayer Mapping

Healing Rooms

Prayer Mapping

Films For Review

"War Room" Trailer 

"Courageous" Trailer 

Songs For The Journey

"Prayer For A Friend"

By Casting Crowns 

"The God Who Moves The Mountains" 

By Corey Voss


"International School Of The Word" (ISOW) was founded by Perry Stone as a means of training Intercessors and others.


 (International School

 Of The Word)

"Prayer Mapping"

This App lets you connect with people who will Pray for your all over the Globe-or you can 

sign up to 

Pray for others. 

Prayer Mapping

"Healing Rooms" are a place to find local Intercessory Prayer for your own Healing and Hope.

Healing Rooms

Intercessory Prayer Training 

(Spirit Lead Me Ministry)

Learn More

Written Resources

"The Art Of Praying The Scriptures"

By John Paul Jackson And John E. Thomas

Order Resource


A Concise Weekday Siddur For Praying In English"

Order Resource 


Does It Make Any Difference?'

Phillip Yancey

Order Resource 


The Prayer Book 

Of The Bible"

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Order Resource 

"The Intercessor's Handbook" 

 Jennifer Eivaz

Order Resource

"Seeing The Supernatural" 

 Jennifer Eivaz

Order Resource

"Pruning Your 

Family Tree" 

 Perry Stone

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"Accessing The 

Courts Of Heaven"

Robert Henderson

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"Keys To Receiving 

God's Justice" 

John Paul Jackson

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"Unmasking The 

Jezebel Spirit"

John Paul Jackson

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