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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Legends About Issachar

The Scribes Of Israel

Deuteronomy 33 Tree Of Life Version: Issachar In The Land

For Zebulun he said,

‘Rejoice, Zebulun, in your going out,

And Issachar, in your tents.

Peoples they call to the mountain—

There they offer righteous sacrifices.

For they suckle the 

Abundance of the seas

And the hidden treasures of the sand.’

Genesis 49 Tree Of Life Version

-Issachar In The Last Days 

Issachar is a strong-boned donkey,

lying down between two saddlebags.

He saw that a resting place was good,

And that the land was pleasant.

He leaned his shoulder to bear a burden,

And became a forced laborer.

Resources For Further Study On Issachar

Issachar In History

Jewish Encyclopedia

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Issachar In Typology


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Issachar In Legend

Brit Am

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Personality Of The Tribe Of Issachar (Light House Church Of All Nations)

Remnants Of Issachar In The Middle East And Asia

The Issacharites Of Eurasia

The Issacharites In Parthia 

Wise Men Who "Understood The Times"

"From the sons of Issachar—men who know how to interpret the signs of the times to Determine what Israel should do—

200 chiefs with all their kinsmen under their command;"

1st Book of Chronicles Chapter 12 Verse 33

The Pre Sequo-Yah 

Cherokee Alphabet?

(Donald Yates)

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The Civilized Kingdom 

Of The Apalache 

(Donald Yates)

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The 5 Civilized Tribes Of 

North Carolina 

(Donald Yates)

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Messiah's Worship Warriors Of The World

(Native Worship Tools By Kaui Eiklor)

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The Tribe Called To Teach Wisdom

Israelite Artifacts In The Native American Territories?

The Los Lunes Ten Commandments

World Events And The Bible

The Bat Creek Stone

The Glenn Beck Show


"Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree: How to Rid Your Home and Family of Demonic Influence and Generational Oppression"

by Perry Stone

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"The Torah Blessing"

by Larry Huch

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Generational Curses"

 by Marilyn Hickey

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"The Issachar Anointing"

By Phillip Rich

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"One Church,

Many Tribes

By Richard Twiss

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'Hebrews In 

Ancient America"

James Trimm

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"Out Of The Flame: 

Cherokee Beliefs And 

Practices Of 

The Ancients"

By James Adair

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"Two Winters:

A Novel From The Not Too Distant Future"

By Elder Suuqina

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"The Ten Tribes Of Israel:

 Or The True History 

Of The North 

American Indians, 

Showing That They Are 

The Descendants Of 

These Ten Tribes"

By Timothy Jenkins (1883)

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"The Tribes:

The Israelite Origin 

Of Western People"

Yair Davidy

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The Hebrew Identity 

Of Celtic Races"
By Yair Davidy

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The Gentile Children 

Of Israel"

By Yair Davidy

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"The Soul Of Judaism: 

Jews Of African Descent

In America 

(Religion, Race,

And Ethnicity)"

By Bruce D. Haynes

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"Out From Hiding: 

Evidences Of 

Sephardic Roots 

Among Latinos"

By Dr. Dell Sanchez

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"The Lost Ten Tribes Of 


By Stephen Collins

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Native American Flute Music 

By Kyle Coatney of the Tsalagi (Cherokee) Nation

Kyle is using music to pay his way through College,

So show him some Support. 

[email protected]

865-789-4396 for Booking

Visit Kyle's Website 

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