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A Tabernacle For Worshippers From All The Nations?

The words of the Prophets agree, 

as it is written:

‘After this I will return

And rebuild the fallen tabernacle of David.

I will rebuild its ruins and I will restore it,

So that the rest of humanity may seek the Lord—

Namely all the Gentiles who are called by 

My name—

Says Adonai,

Who makes these things known from of old.’

The Book Of Acts Chapter 15 Verse 15

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Resources For Further Study

Chosen People 

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Chosen People

One For Israel

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One For Israel

First Fruits Of Zion

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Torah Club

Jesus's Family Story (Tim Mackie Of The Bible Project)

Returning To The Image Of God?

Image Of God?

The Bible Project

Returning To The Image Of God?

Psalm 119 Ministry

Life In Exile


The Bible Project

The Way Of The Exile

The Bible Project

Understanding The Ten Plagues On Egypt

The Ancient Israelite View Of The Religions Of The Gentiles

Spiritual Heritage Of Nations 

"Familiar Spirits And Generational Curses"

The Lion's Path

"Prayer For The Nation"

The Lion's Path

Grafted Into The Priesthood

Grafted In?

119 Ministry

What Was The Mixed Multitude?

119 Ministry

The Lost Nation Comes Home

Who Is Nazarene Israel?

Nazarene Israel

The Lost Sheep?

119 Ministry

The Kingdom Priesthood And Actual Holiness

"The New Humanity"

The Bible Project 


The Bible Project

"Are We So Different From Our Ancestors?" The Lion's Path Radio Show

Songs For Understanding

"Letters From The Wasteland"

The Wallflowers 



Songs For Encouragement

"Love Does"

Brandon Heath

"The Harvester"

Brandon Heath

Songs For Encouragement

"Do Something"

Matthew West

"Lead Me"

Sanctus Real

Written Resources

"Know Your Ministry" 

Marilyn Hickey

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"Torah Government" 

 Norman Willis

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"The Unseen Realm:

Recovering A Supernatural Worldview Of The Bible"

Dr. Michael Heiser

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