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Why Is The Jewish Yeshua (Jesus-Isa) 

Offensive To Jews, Muslims And Gentiles?

For Jewish people ask for signs and Greek people seek After wisdom, but we proclaim Messiah crucified—a Stumbling block to Jewish people and foolishness to Gentile people,  but to those who are called (both Jewish And Greek people), Messiah, the power of God And the Wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is 

Wiser than men, and the weakness of 

God is stronger than men.

1st Letter To The Corinthians Chapter 1 Verse 22

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Psalm 16

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Chosen People 

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Chosen People

One For Israel

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One For Israel

First Fruits Of Zion

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Torah Club


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Kehillat Yeshua 


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About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

The Two Messiah Theory (119 Ministries)

Is The Trinity Pagan? (Inspiring Philosophy)

Voices Against And For The Trinity?

Trinity History Before Nicea (325)?

Christian Monotheism

Can The Trinity Be Biblically Defended?

Mike Winger

Were Jesus And The Bible Copied From Paganism?

Is Jesus A Copy Of Pagan Gods?

JMD Apologetics/Inspiring Philosophy?

Was The Bible Based On Paganism?
Cross Examined

Was Jesus Based On Baal And Buddha?

Jesus Vs. Baal?

Inspiring Philosophy

Jesus Vs. Buddha?

Inspiring Philosophy

Was Jesus Based On Tammuz And Horus?

Jesus Vs. Tammuz

Inspiring Philosophy

Jesus Vs. Horus

Inspiring Philosophy

"The Case For Miracles" And "Case For The Gospels"

"The Case For Miracles" 

 Lee Strobel

'The Case For The Gospel" 

Lee Strobel

The Case For Messiah And The Resurrection

'The Case For Christ" Lee Strobel

'Why Do We Believe In the Resurrection?"

The Only Way To God?

"More Than A Carpenter" 

By Josh McDowell

"Jesus Is The Only Way To God?" 

Lecture By Lee Strobel

A Hebrew Answers Common Objections

No Man Can Die For Your Sins?

Human Sacrifice And Messiah?

Jews Answer Jewish Objections

Answering Jewish Objections To Jesus

Answering Rabbi's Objections To Jesus

A Rabbi Answers Questions

"Was Jesus Greek Or Jewish?"

"How Is Jesus God?"

"Seeking Allah: Finding Jesus" With Nabeel Qureshi

Written Resources

"Answering Jewish 

Objections To Jesus: 

5 Book Series (Kindle)" 

Dr. Michael Brown

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"More Than A Carpenter"

 Josh McDowell

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"Jesus Among Other Gods: 

The Absolute Claims Of The Christian Message"

Ravi Zacharias

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'The Hebrew Yeshua 0r 

The Greek Jesus"

Nehemiah Gordon

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"The Jewish New

 Testament Commentary"

David Stern

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"The Complete

 Jewish Study Bible"

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