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The Travel Grounds Of The Apostles 

So they were sent on their way by the 

Antioch community. They were passing through both 

Phoenicia and Samaria, 

Describing in detail the conversion 

Of the Gentiles, 

And they were bringing great joy to 

All the brothers and sisters.

Acts Of The Apostles Chapter 15 Verse 3

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16 

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Holy Land Torah Fellowship For Messianics

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Are There Lost Tribes In Middle Eastern Nations?

Learn More

The Faiths Of The Middle East

"Iran In The Bible" Our Daily Bread

"Three Faiths: One Land" Our Daily Bread

Understanding The Middle East 

"Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" 

With Nabeel Qureshi

Egyptian Michael Yousef

On The 3 Stages Of Muhammed's Life

Eben Allah? (Arabic Outreach Film by One For Israel)‚Äč

Jesus And The Faiths Of The Middle East

Jesus Vs Buddha And Muhammed

Dr. Ravi Zacharias

Differences Between Jesus And Muhammed

The Ankerberg Show

Islam And The Ebionites

Refuting The Claim That Later Ebionites Became The Later Muslims (David Wood)

Islam From Ebionite Cult? (Debate)

Dreams And Gender In The Middle East

Dreams In The Muslim World

With Tom Doyle

Interacting With Muslim Women

On 100 Huntley Street

Heart For Lebanon (Outreach)

Middle Eastern Cultural Context

"Honor And Shame"

With David De Silva 

'The Ancient Community Mindset"

Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

Arabic Language Resources 

The Story Of Samuel (Arabic)

The Story Of Elijah (Arabic)

12 Ordinary Middle Eastern Men (Arabic)

Twelve Ordinary Men Part 1

Twelve Ordinary Men Part 2

Middle Eastern Voices

Egyptian Michael Yousef 

Jewish Rabbi Kirt Schneider

Jews And The Middle East

21st Century Hasidism

Leaving Ultra-Orthodoxy?

Middle East And The End Times

"The Anti-Christ: 

False Messiah Or Enemy Of Israel?"

Joel Richardson Theory

"The Anti-Messiah In Ukraine-Turkey?"

John Paul Jackson Theory?

Visit The Holy Land

Work And Learn By Picking Grapes

(With HaYovel)

Tour Israel

(With Wisdom In Torah)


Messianic Tours 

(Wisdom In Torah)

Learn More

Agricultural Tourism 


Learn More

Biblical Tours

(Biblical Treasure Tours)

Learn More

Help Israel

International Fellowship Of 

Christians And Jews

Christians United For Israel

Mission And Purpose

Help The Middle East

Doctors Without Borders

Free Burma Rangers

Films For Review (Ancient Persia And Egypt)

"One Night With The King" Trailer

"Exodus: Gods And Kings" Trailer

Films For Encouragement (Ancient Judea)

"The Passion Of The Christ" Trailer

"Paul, The Apostle Of Christ" Trailer

Written Resources 


By George Rawlinson

Free Download


By George Rawlinson

Free Download

"The Collected Works 

Of Flavius Josephus"

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"Son Of Hamas: 

A Gripping Account Of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, And Unthinkable Choices"

By Mosab 

Hassan Yousef

Order Resource

"Seeking Allah, 

Finding Jesus: 

A Devout Muslim

 Encounters Christianity"

By Nabeel Qureshi

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"Dreams And Visions: 

Is Jesus Awakening 

The Muslim World?"

By Tom Doyle

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"Seeing Jesus From The East: A Fresh Look At History's Most Influential Figure"

By Ravi Zacharias And 
Abdu Murray

Order Resource 

"Jesus Among Other "Gods""

By Ravi Zacharias

Order Resource 


The Forgotten Ancient 

Super-Power And Its Role

 In Biblical History"

By Steven M. Collins

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"Fast Facts On Islam"

By John Ankerberg 

And John Weldon"

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"Saving Christianity?: 

The Danger In Undermining Our Faith -- 

And What You 

Can Do About It"

By Michael Yousef

Order Resource 

"The Gifts Of The Jews:

 How A Tribe Of Desert Nomads Changed The Way Everyone Thinks And Feels (Hinges Of History Book 2)"

By Thomas Cahill

Order Resource 

"The Unseen Realm: Recovering The Supernatural Worldview 

Of The Bible"

By Michael Heiser

Order Resource 

"The Bible Among 

The Myths"

By John Oswalt

Order Resource 

"Lost Christianities"

By Bart Ehrman

Order Resource 

"Context For Adults: 

Sexuality, Social Identity 

And Kinship Relations 

In The Bible

 (Context For Kids)

 (Volume 3)"

By Tyler Dawn Rosenquist

Order Resource 

"The Jews In The 

Time Of Jesus: 

An Introduction"

By Stephen Wylen

Order Resource 

"Social World Of Luke-Acts: Models For Interpretation"

By Jerome Neyrey 

Order Resource 

"The Bible Jesus Read"

By Phillip Yancey

Order Resource

"The Jesus 

I Never Knew"

By Phillip Yancey

Order Resource 

"The Cultural World Of Jesus" By John Pilch

Order Resource 

"12 Ordinary Men"

By John MacArthur

Order Resource 

"Understanding Paul"

By James Trimm

Order Resource 

"King Of The Jews"

By David Lancaster

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