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The Kingdom Expanders

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who 

Brings good news, who announces shalom, who brings 

Good News of happiness, who announces salvation, 

Who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

The Prophet Isaiah Chapter 52 Verse 17

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

'The Gospel" (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Missions For The Messiah FB Group

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Mission Finder

Find A Mission

Learn More

Convoy Of Hope

Disaster Zone Transportation Missions For Truckers

Learn More

Moody Bible Institute Flight School

Learn More

Support A Hebrew Missionary Family

Timothy And Jessica Brown

Aviation Missionaries

Learn More

Foreign Language 

(Tennessee Language School-Short Semesters)

Learn More

Agri-Business As Evangelism In Africa (Machine Gun Preacher)

Talking Bibles And Christian Radio Outreaches

Christian Radio For Cuba

Talking Bibles Program

Bible Smugglers

Bibles For Russia

With Dr. Terry Law

Underground Reality-Vietnam

Bible Smuggling With 

Voice Of The Martyrs

Free Burma Rangers Interview 

Underground Missionaries

"God's Hostage" In Turkey

"God's Smuggler"

Missions For Warriors

Families On Dangerous Mission

The Machine Gun Preacher's Wife

Miracles In Missions: Josh McDowell's Mission To Russia

Mission To The Lost Tribes Of Israel

Mission To The Lost Tribes In Ethiopia

Mission To The Lost Tribes India

Navigator's Mission

Learn More

Missions By Air And By Sea

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mercy Ships

Gift Of Helps And Missions (Support Missions From Home)

Blood Water Mission

With Jars And Clay

Shoes For Orphan Souls

7 Stories

Wycliffe Bible Translation Society 

(For Linguists)

Order Resource 

"How To Deliver Land From Territorial Spirits" By Jennifer Eivaz

Local Missions And Working Missionaries 

International Conversation Partners

Learn More

VIP Kids 

(Teach Foreign Students)

Learn More

Teach ESL Overseas

Learn More

Films For Review 

"Free Burma Rangers" Trailer

"The Machine Gun Preacher" 


(Adult Content)

Songs For Encouragement

"Keep Your Eyes Open" 

Need To Breathe

'Here I Am Lord, Send Me"


Written Resources

"The Poisonwood Bible" 

By Barbara Kingsolver

Order Resource

"The Wise Men And The Unknown God: 

A Spiritual Journey 

From The 

East To The West"

By Mathew P. John

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"Changing Face 

Of World Missions: 


Contemporary Issues 

And Trends"

By Michael Peacock

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"Do This For Love:

Free Burma Rangers 

And The Battle For Mosul"

David Eubank

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"Another Man's War: 

The True Story Of One Man's Battle To Save Children 

In The Sudan"

Sam Childers

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"Letters To The Church"

Francis Chan

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