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The Bible And Mythology

They are no longer to offer their sacrifices to the 

Goat-demons after which they play the prostitute. 

This will be a statute forever to them 

Throughout their generations.

Leviticus Chapter 17 Verse 7

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16 

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


The World That Was: From The Fall To The Flood (Bill Cloud)

Inspiring Philosophy: Mythological Objections

Jesus Vs. Mithra

Jesus Vs. Horus

The Unseen Realm: Mythology And The Bible

Cosmic View of the Old Testament 

(The Bible Project)

Classical Mythology and the Bible

(The Naked Bible)

"The Unseen Realm"  With Chuck Missler 

The Bible, Astronomy And The Original Zodiac?

"The Story In The Stars" Joe Amaral

"Signs In The Heaven, The Hebrew Mazzaroth And The Stars" Chuck Missler

Jesus And Mythology (Inspiring Philosophy)

Jesus Vs. Baal

Jesus Vs. Tammuz

Jesus And Mythology (With Mike Winger)

"The Other Jesus" Story 

Real Historian Responds To 
"Jesus Was A Myth"

Debunking Ancient Astronauts And Television

 "Pop Mythology" (with Dr. Michael Heiser)

Debunking Sitchin

And Ancient Astronauts

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The Mystery Of Giants, Fallen Angels And Evil Spirits

Part 1 (VOE)

Part 2 (VOE)

The Mystery Of Giants, Fallen Angels And Evil Spirits

Part 3 (VOE)

Part 4 (VOE)

Aliens In The Bible And "gods" Of The Ancient World 

(With Dr. Chuck Missler)

Nephillim in the Ancient World

Nephillim in the Modern Era

Scientific Questions About The Pre-Adam World

 (The Naked Bible Podcast)

Is The Pre-Adamite Hypothesis Biblical?

Dr. Michael Heiser

'When Did The Bloodline 

Of The Nephillim End?"

Dr. Michael Heiser

Mythology In Genesis (The Naked Bible Podcast)

The Chaos Monster In Genesis

Dr. Michael Heiser

Real Magic And Pharoah's Magicians

Dr. Michael Heiser

DNA Altering And Trans-Humanism


DNA and the Time of Noah 

Are There Monsters In The Spirit World?

Are There Monsters In The Spirit World? Part 1

Lester Sumrall

Are There Monsters In The Spirit World? Part 2

Lester Sumrall

Wormwood And Chimeras

"The Wormwood Prophecy" with Tom Horn

"Chimeras" with Tom Horn

Chernobyl/Wormwood Revelation (8:11)

Chernobyl The Third Trumpet?

Side-Effects of Chernobyl?

Monsters And Mysteries 

Ghosts, Vampires, Witches, Werewolves

On Skywatch TV

The Black Eyed Children

Monsters and Mysteries in America

Aliens, Myths And The Anti-Messiah

Aliens and the Anti-Messiah

The Vatican And UFOs

Native American Legends And The Bible

The Riverwinds (Taino and Cherokee)

Dr. Suuqina (Inuit)

Native American Pyramids And Ten Commandments

Native American Pyramids

The Ten Commandments In New Mexico

Genetics And The Invisible World (with Trey Smith)

Genetics and the Flood

Entities and Invisible Beings

"Painting The Impossible" The Akiane Kramarik Story

The Stars And The Bible Times 

Decoding Ezekiel's Vision with Stars?

Jewish View of the Zodiac

Astronomy In The Bible

"The Witness Of The Stars"
E.W. Bullinger

"The Star That Astonished The World"

Ernest Martin

"The Star Of Bethlehem" Documentary

Visitations In Heaven And Hell?

Heaven and Hell?

Kathryn Baxter's Experience

 Heaven And Hell?

A Young Man's Experience

Greek Mythology And Our Views Of The After-Life

Life After Death In The Bible?

Do We Have An Immortal Soul?

Hollow Earth Theory

"Journey to the Underworld" 

With Perry Stone

Testimony of the South Pole

With Colonel Byrd

The Cosmology Conflict

Flat Earth Flooding The Church

The Bible, NASA and Flat Earth

The Book Of Enoch (Jewish Mythology)

Examining The Books Of Jasher And Enoch

A Scholarly Look At Jasher 

(Matt Nappier)

A Scholarly Look At Enoch

 (David Wilber)

Refuting The Book Of Enoch

(By )

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Films For Consideration

"The Time Machine" Trailer 

"What Dreams May Come" Trailer

Films For Consideration

"Journey to the Center of the Earth"
Movie Trailer

"The Mysterious Island"

Movie Trailer

Songs For Encouragement 

"God of Wonders' by 3rd Day

"Alive" by Natalie Grant

Written Resources

"Witness Of The Stars"
E.W. Bullinger

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"Numbers That Preach"

by Troy Brewer

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"Dragons, Dinosaurs, 

And The Bible"

 by Bodie Hodge

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"Looking Up: 

Prophetic Signs And How The Heavens Declare 

The Glory Of God"

by Troy Brewer

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"That's What The

 Old Ones Say:

Pre-Colonial Revelations Of God To Native America"

Joseph Riverwind

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"Needless Casualties 

Of War'

John Paul Jackson

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"The Unseen Realm:

Recovering The Supernatural Worldview Of The Bible"

Dr. Michael Heiser

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"The Bible Among 

The Myths" 

by John Oswalt

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"Opening The 

Gates Of Heaven" 

By Perry Stone

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"Secrets From Beyond 

The Grave" 

By Perry Stone

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"Two Winters"
Apocalyptic Native 

American Novel

By Dr. Suuqina (Intuit)

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"Journey To The Center

 Of The Earth"

By Jules Vern

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The UnHoly Deception: 

The Nephillim Return" 

By L.A. Marzulli

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"Devils, Demons And The Return Of The Nephillim

John Klein and Adam Spears

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"Creation Not Confusion"
Refuting Flat Earth

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"The Book Of Enoch"

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"The Final Roman Emperor, The Islamic Antichrist, And The Vatican's Last Crusade"

By Thomas Horn

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"Unearthing The Lost World Of The Cloudeaters: Compelling Evidence Of The Incursion Of Giants, Their Extraordinary Technology, And Imminent Return" 

By Thomas Horn

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"Alien Encounters"
By Chuck Missler 

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