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Why Is News Important?

Now the watchman stationed on the tower in Jezreel Saw Jehu’s troop approaching and said, 

“I am seeing a troop.” Then Joram said, 

“Take a horseman and dispatch him to meet them, 

And let him ask: ‘Is it peace?’”

2nd Book Of The Kings Chapter 9 Verse 17 

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Psalm 91 Prayer Card

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"What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do"

By Pastor Greg Laurie

Nazarene Israel News

Weekly World News Updates

Babylon Free Radio News

Conservative News From A Spiritual Perspective

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News Hebrews Can Use

The Jerusalem Watch

The Zach Drew Show

More News Hebrews Can Use

"TruNews" With Rick Wiles 

"The Epoch Times" Newspaper

"Breaking Israel News"

Today's News From A Biblical Perspective

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Hebrew Nation Radio

Hebrew Nation Radio Episodes

Teshuvah College Interview 

Radio News

The Caleb Waller Show

Messianic Lamb Radio

Christian News Satire

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Who Are The King's Of The East? (Understanding The News)

"Kings Of The East" Part 1 Chuck Missler

"King's Of The East" Part 2 Chuck Missler

The World We Could Become (If Not Prayerful)

"Atlas Shrugged" Trailer 

(Ultra-Liberal Nightmare)

"V For Vendetta" Trailer

 (Ultra-Conservative Nightmare)

Written Resources

"One Second After"

by William Forstschen

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"The United States 

And Great Britain 

In Bible Prophecy"

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"2300 Day Of Hell: 

The Two Witnesses And

 Joseph's Seven 

Years Of Plenty And 

7 Years Of Famine"

by Joseph Dumond

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