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When Prophets Tune To The Wrong Signals

When Balaam realized that it was pleasing in the Eyes of Adonai to bless Israel, 

He did not resort 

To sorceries as at the other times, 

But turned his face toward the wilderness.

Numbers Chapter 24 Verse 1

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Trauma Specialist Keely Daniels

(Dream Helper Network)

Reach Out For Help!

"Let's Talk Shalom" Interview 

With Trauma And Transition Specialist Keely Daniels

The Divine Council Part 3- Rebellion (NRF)

The Divine Council Part 3-Rebellion

The Divine Council Part 3- Q And A


Youth Group Party Girl Testimony

From Wicca To Catholic 

("Pints With Aquinas" Interview with Young Adult Author Vesper Stamper)

Spotting Spiritual Abuse In Leadership (Remnant Radio)

"Hidden History Of The 

Charismatic Generals" Justin Peters Ministries‚Äč

Ebionites: The First Christian Cult 

The Goal Of The Kundalinni Spirit (Rise On Fire)

The Ancient Israelite View Of The Religions Of The Gentiles

"Lucifer In The World Before Adam" (Dr. Larry Ollison)

Looking Up (Gospel In The Stars)

Mazzaroth (Gospel In The Stars)

Troy Brewer

"Looking Up" The Heavens Declare

Psalm 19

Troy Brewer

Pure Light And The Anisotropic 12 Gems

(The Fiery Stones?)

Of New Jerusalem's Foundation

(Gemology Article By Christian Evidence)

Learn More

"The Danger Of Idolizing The Supernatural" Melissa Doughtery

What Was The "Star Of Remphan/Chiun"?

Out Of The Occult And The Hermetic Order (Jac Marino Testimony)

"From Darkness To Light" One Woman's Journey Out Of UFO's And The Occult"

Alisa Childers Interview With Jac Marino

From the Occult & 

The Hermetic Order to Jesus 

| Jac Marino | God Stories

The 7 Curses Of Leviathan 

(Pride And Truth Twisting)

This is an excellent Study Course on the 7 Curses of Leviathan 

(Kraken or Hydra)

 (the Prideful Twisting Serpent) that covers 

How they enter your life, 

How they effect your life,

 How to get them out of your life!

The Spirit of The Creator is has seven-facets that are countered by the 

Seven curses of Leviathan and

The seven-facets of living in the flesh (Pride).

In the Book of Job ONLY The Creator could defeat Leviathan,

 So we must call upon HIM. 

This PDF is available by donation to 

[email protected] 

via Paypal.

"You crushed the heads of Leviathan, 

Giving him as food to the desert dwellers." 

Psalm of David 74 Verse 14

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Mythology In Genesis (The Naked Bible Podcast)

The Chaos Monster In Genesis

Dr. Michael Heiser

Real Magic And Pharoah's Magicians

Dr. Michael Heiser

Do You Have A Revelatory Gifting? 

(Knowing What You Can't Explain?)

Understanding The Gift Of Revelation

Where Does The Gifting Come From 

And What Is It For?

Prophets Vs. Psychics?

Is The Satellite Equipment The Same 

But Different Signals? 

Psychics Posing As Prophets In The Church?

Discerning Prophets With A Psychic Spirit

Jennifer LeClaire

Discerning Warlocks And Witches In The Church

Jennifer LeClaire

When Prophets And Priests Reject The Creator

"Prophets Rejected by the Church  

Often Become Psychics" by JPJ

"The Jews and the Supernatural"

With Jewish Sid Roth

Discerning Prophets With A Psychic Spirit

 (Jennifer LeClaire)

Revelatory Gifting Is Different From Perception And Sensitivity

Burden Bearing And Soul Reading 

Understanding The Power Of Empathy

Discerners And Spiritually Gifted People

Traits Of Spirituality Gifted People 

"The Discerner 101" With Jessie Liv

Familiar Spirits In Family Lines And In Houses And Households

'Purging Your House, Pruning Your Family Tree"

 (Teaching On Familiar Spirits In Families ) 

By Perry Stone

Demons And The Mind

By Derek Prince

When Spirit Guides Turn Against You

Contacting Dead Relatives

When Spirit Guides Turn Violent 

Deliverance History, Controversies, Abuses And Relationships

"Demon Trials: 

The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill"

Christianity Today Podcast

"Come Out In Jesus Name" Trailer

Greg Locke Media

Defeating Witchcraft (Former Warlock John Ramirez)

"Realities Of The Unseen Realm"

Former Warlock John Ramirez

Defeating Witchcraft

Former Warlock John Ramirez

Learning To Use And Develop Your Gifting

Before he passed away John Paul Jackson developed Courses for Streams Ministries that would Help train those with a Revelatory Giftings to serve their Congregation and Community. 

Streams Ministries Courses

Everyday Occultism In The American Home

Dabbling On The Dark Side 

Beyond Today

Everyday Occultism In Toys And Cartoons

Prophecy Club

What About Occultism Found In The Bible?

An Extraterrestial Message?

Physicist Chuck Missler

What Is Kabbalah?

Dr. Chuck Missler

What About Haunted Houses, Ghosts And Grave Sucking?

Haunted Houses And Ghosts Part 1

Lester Sumrall

Grave Sucking And Glory Clouds?

Remnant Radio

What About Witches And Curses?

Are Curses For Real?
Lester Sumrall

Can Witches Stop Witches?
Lester Sumrall

What About Extra-Terrestrials?

Alien Entities

Lester Sumrall

Aliens: Return Of The Nephillim

Chuck Missler

Songs For Encouragement

"Word Of God Speak" By Mercy Me

"I'm Listening" By Matt McClarney 

"Your Great Name" (Natalie Grant) A Spiritual Warfare Anthem


"Combating Cult Mind Control: 

The #1 Best-selling Guide To Protection, 

Rescue, And Recovery From Destructive Cults"

Dr. Steve Hassan 

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"Witness Of The Stars"
E.W. Bullinger

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"Numbers That Preach"

Troy Brewer

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"Dragons, Dinosaurs, 

And The Bible"

  Bodie Hodge

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"Looking Up: 

Prophetic Signs And How The Heavens Declare 

The Glory Of God"

Troy Brewer

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"Unmasking The 

Jezebel Spirit"

John Paul Jackson

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"Needless Casualties 

Of War'

John Paul Jackson

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'Devils, Demons And The Return Of The Nephillim"

John Klein And Adam Spears

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"The Discerner: 

Hearing, Confirming 

And Acting Upon 

Prophetic Revelation"

By Jim Goll

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"The Bible, The Supernatural 

And The Jews"

By McCandlish Phillips

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"Basics Of Dreams, 

Visions And 

Strange Events"

By John Paul Jackson

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"Playing With Holy Fire: 

A Wake-Up Call 

To The Pentecostal-Charismatic Church"

Dr. Michael Brown

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Are False Spirits

 Invading The Church?"

By Andrew Strom

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"The Unseen Realm: Recovering The 

Supernatural Worldview

Of The Bible"

By Michael Heiser

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"The Art Of Hearing God" 

By John Paul Jackson

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"The Prophet: 

Creating A Lifegiving Prophetic Culture" 

By Jim Goll

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"Prophets, Pitfalls 

And Principles: 

God's Prophetic 

People Today" 

By Bill Harmon

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Familiar Spirits" 

By Frank Hammond

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An Eye Witness Account" 

By Howard Pittman 

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"Purging Your House: 

Pruning Your

 Family Tree"

By Perry Stone

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