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Speak Together

"Then those who revere Adonai spoke with each other, 

and Adonai took notice and heard, and a scroll of remembrance was written before Him, 

for those who revere Adonai, even those who esteem His Name." 

The Prophet Malachi Chapter 3 Verse 16

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

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Psalm 16 

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Psalm 16

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The "Let's Talk Shalom" Podcast

By LTS Media

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"Dream Journal"

By Brian Asriel Newman And Melissa Collins

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"Shalom Letters"


w Co-Host Mellissa Collins

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"Psalm 16 

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"Lets' Talk Shalom"

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""Let's Talk Shalom"

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w Co-Host Stephen Bolin

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"I See God In You" By Lara Landon 

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