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The Ancient Concept Of Time

And the word of Adonai came to Jeremiah, saying, 

 thus says Adonai: “If you can break 

My covenant with the day and 

My Covenant with the night, so that day and night would not Be At In their appointed time,  only then may My covenant be Broken With My servant David, that he would not have a son To Reign on His throne, and the Levitical kohanim would not Be My Ministers. As the host of heaven cannot be numbered, Nor the Sand of the Sea measured, so I will multiply the Offspring of David My Servant, and the 

Levites who minister to Me.”

Jeremiah The Prophet Chapter 33 Verse 19

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles


Places For Healing Time

Healing Room Model And Celebrate Recovery Model

Healing Rooms

Healing Rooms are locations across the Country where you can book an appointment to be prayed over for Physical and Emotional Healing and to break Generational Curses individually. Healing Rooms often meet in local Congregations 

(Find a Healing Room HERE).

Celebrate Recovery 

Celebrate Recovery is a Faith Based 12 Step that meets in locations across the Country. Unlike most 12 Steps they cover far more than Chemical Addictions. Celebrate Recovery supports those going through any kind of hurt, hang up or struggle from Co-Dependency to Anorexia to Divorce to Alcoholism. Celebrate Recovery meetings usually take place on a weeknight in a local House of Worship and have a meal followed by a short service to make announcements and hand out Step Chips. They then divide into small groups based on Gender and also recovery group (Addiction Issues or Emotional Issues). Then regroup for dessert and for fellowship. Child Care is most often provided and the meal is low cost. 

(Find a Healing Room HERE.)

Focus On The Family

Access Resources From

Focus On The Family

The Hope Line

Contact The HopeLine

Churches Care

Find Help From 

Local Ministers


Learn More About



Kehillat Yeshua 


Learn More 

About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

Creation Timeline And Human History

 (Answers In Genesis)

Can We Keep The Feasts Of The Bible Today?

Can We Keep The Feasts

Outside Of Jerusalem?

(White Feather Ministries)

Learn More

Should We Keep 

The Feasts

Outside Of Israel?

(Natan Lawrence)

Learn More

Can We Keep The Feasts 
Without A Temple?


Learn More

Deut: 15-16 Is Time Important To The Creator? (Skip Heizig)

"When A Biblical "Day" Begins"

 David Wilber

Read Article

The Creation Prophecy (119 Ministries)

Prayer And Celebration On The Creator's Calendar

'Hearing God's Voice In the Early Morning" 

With Perry Stone 

"The Set Up Of God's Divine Calendar"

With Perry Stone

The Times Of Refreshing

Jesus And The (Old Testament?) Feasts

Physical Rest As Model Of Spiritual Rest

Sabbath For Our Times

The Hebrews 4 Rest 

119 Ministries 

How To Keep The Sabbath

119 Ministries

Can We Keep The Feasts Without Levite Priests? (Unlearn)

"How Jesus Fulfilled Passover, First-Fruits And Pentecost" 

(Mike Winger)

The Creator's Festivals

The Creator's Calendar

Passion For Truth 

Leviticus 23: The Feast Days

Calvary Chapel 

Beware Passover And Jewish Feast Day Scams

 (Fighting For The Faith)

Years On The Creator's Calendar

"Why the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years Are So Important' with Joseph Dumond

"The Mystery of the Shemittah"

with Jonathan Cahn

The Hillel (Traditional Jewish) Calendar

Why Was The Hillel Calendar Created?

Messiah Matters

The Evolution Of The Jewish Calendar

The Yeshiva

The Creator's Prophetic Calendar (119 Ministries)

Songs For Encouragement

'The God Of All My Days"

By Casting Crowns 

"Oh Glorious Day"
By Casting Crowns 

Written Resources


The Ancient Practices"

By Christian Counselor

 Dan Allender

Order Resource 


Spirit & Truth: 

The Call Of The Bridegroom"

PD Van Der Westhuizen 

Order Resource 

"Get Your Life Back: 

Everyday Practices For A World Gone Mad"

By John Eldredge

Order Resource 

"Celebrating Jesus 

In The Biblical Feasts"

By Dr. Richard Booker  

Order Resource 

"A Christian Guide 

To The Biblical Feasts"

David Wilber

Order Resource 

"A Family Guide To 

The Biblical Holidays"

By Robin Sampson

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