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The Creator's Instructions For Youth

Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but become an Example of the faithful—in speech, in conduct, in love, in Faithfulness, and in purity.

1st Epistle Of Timothy Chapter 4 Verse 12

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Angelea Kae

Identity Coach

Teen/NextGen Ministry

More About Angelea

Identity (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

E-Sports Coaching With Hebrew Ron Hamlin


1st Century Youth Ministry

(For Torah Teens)

Reach Out!

Torah United

Featuring "Millennial Reign"

(For Torah Observant Young People)

Find Fellowship

The Hopeline for Teens

Dawson's McAllister's Hope Line is a hotline as well as radio program for those up to 

25 years of age that are experiencing life issues. 

Dawson also has a referral listing of local counselors for families who need them. 

Reach Out

Youth Group Party Girl Testimony

Parenting Today's Teen

"Parenting Today's Teen" 

Mark Gregston

"Communicating With Your Teen"
Mark Gregston

How Prayer Changes Real Life:

 Stephen Kendrick Of

 "The Kendrick Brothers" Film Studio Addresses Graduates

"Discarded Things' Movie Trailer

"God Only Knows" By King And Country

The Hope Line For Teens

The Hope Line For Teens

With Dawson McAllister

"Hopeless Into Hope" 

By Beth Champion Mason

Understanding Emotional Incarceration

"Suffering In Silence"

 James Wilson (Cry Like A Man)

"Beating All Odds'

Sam Bracken (My Orange Duffel Bag)

Young Men Preparing For Marriage Later

Honor Your Mother

James Wilson

Speaking Life, Not Death Into Our Sisters

James Wilson

Parenting Teens Toward Adulthood

"Parenting Teens Towards Adulthood"

Dr. Ken Wilgus Part 1

"Parenting Teens Towards Adulthood"

Dr. Ken Wilgus Part 2

Lessons From The Martial Arts For Young Men

"No More Church Boys: 

Training Up Boys To Be Men"

James Wilson

'Family, It's Worth Fighting For"

James Wilson

The Faith Filled Youth Life

Living Like A Believer For Youth

With Nathan Lance Gibson

"Obeying Jesus"

The Justin Bieber Testimony

5 Agreements That Are Killing Millennials 

"5 Agreements That Are

 Killing Millennials"

Part 1: John Eldredge And Sons 

'5 Agreements That Are

 Killing Millennials"

Part 2: John Eldredge And Sons 

Knowing The One?

"Extreme Sports Star 

Finds Faith And Wife" 

"5 Things That Happen When You Meet The One" Apply God's Word Daily

Tough Moments With Today's Adolescents

"When Your Children Have An Addiction"

Perry Stone And Daughter Amanda Stone

"When Your Child Believes They Are Gay"

Q And A With Alan Parr

Free Bus Tickets For Runaways

Drama Team Skits

'Good Good Father" By Chris Tomlin

"Everything" By Lifehouse

"Teen Challenge" is a faith based program for Teens and young people to overcome Addiction

Teen Challenge

"Big Brothers Big Sisters" is  a Mentorship Program for Teens and Young People in Communities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Boys and Girls Club is a Summer and After-School Program for Youth.

Boys and Girls Clubs

The Al-ATeen Program is for Teens who are the children of parents struggling with Addiction. 

Find A Local Group

The Boy's Town National Hotline helps Kids and Teens in Trouble (esp the Homeless and those in danger) and Families.

Boys Town Hotline

The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative is a Mentorship Program for Teens in Foster Care or Graduating out of Foster Care.

Orange Duffel Bag

Foster Care Program

"I Will Rescue You" By Lauren Daigle

Parenting Teens And Blended Families

"Living In A Blended Family"

With Ron Deal

"Parenting Today's Teens" 

With Mark Gregston

Warrior's Rising (For Young Men)

6 Signs Of A Rising Warrior

Killing Lions Series (Part 4)

Warrior's Rising (For Young Women)

"Becoming Myself" By Stasi Eldredge

Sadie Robinson To Her College Peers


Toby Mac On The Wally Show

LaCrae Interview On The Breakfast Club

"Fearless And Focused: Readying The Last Generation" 

With Pd Vander Westhuizen Webzine For Singles

Listen to Podcasts

Songs For Encouragement 

"Overcomer" By Mandisa

"You Are More" By 10th Avenue North

"Bulletproof" By Citizen Way

"I'll Find You" By Lecrae And Tori Kelly

"You Say" By Lauren Daigle

"Priceless" By King And Country

"I Just Need You" By Toby Mac

"Stars" By Skillet


By Plumb

"He Knows My Name" 

By Francesca Battistelli

"Camp Tzadi" (For Messianic Jewish And Gentile Youth)

First-Fruits Of Zion

Learn More

Attend Camp Yeshua (For Hebrew-Messianic Teens) 

Written Resources

"No More Christian Nice Girl:

When Just Being Nice-

Instead Of Good

-Hurts You, Your Family, 

And Your Friends"

Paul Coughlin And 

Jennifer Degler

Order Resource

"No More Christian Nice Guy:

When Being Nice-

Instead Of Good-

Hurts Men, Women, 

And Children"

Paul Coughlin

Order Resource

"Free Us From Bullying"

Real Solutions Beyond
Being Nice"

Paul Coughlin

Order Resource

"Cry Like A Man: 

Fighting For Freedom From Emotional Incarceration"

By Jason Wilson

Order Resource

"Way Of The Wild Heart

A Map For The

 Masculine Journey"

By John Eldredge

Order Resource

"My Orange Duffel Bag:

A Journey To 

Radical Change"

By Sam Bracken

Order Resource

"Killing Lions" 

By Sam Eldredge

Order Resource 

"Free To Be Me" 

By Stasi Eldredge

Order Resource


By Michael Weaver

Order Resource

"Boundaries With Teens"

By Cloud And Townsend

Order Resource

"The 5 Love Languages 

Of Teenangers"

By Gary Chapman

Order Resource

"A Tribe Apart: 

A Journey Into The American Adolescence"

By Patricia Hersch

Order Resource

"Loves God Likes Girls: 

A Memoir"

By Sally Gary 

Order Resource

'The Birth Order Book:

Why You Are The

 Way You Are"

Dr. Kevin Leman

Order Resource

Engaging Your Teen's World: Understanding What Today's Youth Are Thinking,

 Doing, And Watching

By David Eaton , 

Jeremiah Callihan

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