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The Book Of Truth

Truth is the essence of Your word, and 

All Your righteous rulings are eternal.

Psalm Of David 119 Verse 160

Tree Of Life Version

Psalm 16 

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

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Places To Heal

Healing Room Model And Celebrate Recovery Model

Healing Rooms

Healing Rooms are locations across the Country where you can book an appointment to be prayed over for Physical and Emotional Healing and to break Generational Curses individually. Healing Rooms often meet in local Congregations 

(Find a Healing Room HERE).

Celebrate Recovery 

Celebrate Recovery is a Faith Based 12 Step that meets in locations across the Country. Unlike most 12 Steps they cover far more than Chemical Addictions. Celebrate Recovery supports those going through any kind of hurt, hang up or struggle from Co-Dependency to Anorexia to Divorce to Alcoholism. Celebrate Recovery meetings usually take place on a weeknight in a local House of Worship and have a meal followed by a short service to make announcements and hand out Step Chips. They then divide into small groups based on Gender and also recovery group (Addiction Issues or Emotional Issues). Then regroup for dessert and for fellowship. Child Care is most often provided and the meal is low cost. 

(Find a Healing Room HERE.)

Focus On The Family

Access Resources From

Focus On The Family

The Hope Line

Contact The HopeLine

Churches Care

Find Help From 

Local Ministers


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Kehillat Yeshua 


Learn More 

About Messianic Judaism

Nazarene Israel Ministry

Learn More About The Pro-Torah Movement

"Hidden Treasures Of The Bible" With Chuck Missler

The Tanakh ("Old" Testament)

Genesis (The Beginning)

Genesis 1-11

Genesis 12-50

The Book Of Exodus

Exodus Part 1

Exodus Part 2

The Books Of Leviticus And Numbers



The Books Of Deuteronomy And Joshua



The Books Of Judges And Ruth



Ecclesiastes And Wisdom Literature 


The Wisdom Literature 

Lamentations And Haggai



Proverbs And Song Of Songs


Song Of Songs

The Prophets Jeremiah And Daniel 



Esther, Nehemiah And Ezra


Nehemiah And Ezra

The Prophet Ezekiel

Chapters 1-33

Chapters 34-48

The Prophet Isaiah

Chapters 1-39

Chapter 40-66

ISAIAH 53 "The Forbidden Chapter" (With Tree Of Life Ministry)

The Book Of Job 

Overview Of Job 

The Book Of Job 

The Prophets Jonah And Nahum

Jonah Overview 

Nahum Overview 

The Prophets Joel And Obadiah

The Prophet Joel

The Prophet Obadiah 

The Prophets Zechariah And Hosea

The Prophet Zechariah

The Prophet Hosea

The Prophets Habakukk And Micah

The Prophet Habakukk 

The Prophet Micah 

The Books Of Kings And Chronicles

The Books Of 1st And 2nd Kings

The Books Of  1st And 2nd Chronicles

1st And 2nd Samuel

1st Samuel 

2nd Samuel 

The Prophets Zephaniah And Malachi



The NT Letters: Historical Context (The Bible Project)

The Gospel Of Matthew

Matthew Chapters 1-13

Matthew Chapter 14-28

The Gospel Of Mark

The New Testament Letters 
Literary Context

The Gospel Of Mark

Literary Context

The Gospel Of Luke (Parts 1 And 2)

The Gospel Of Luke Part 1

The Gospel Of Luke Part 2

The Gospel Of Luke (Parts 3 And 4)

Luke Part 3

Luke Part 4

Gospel Of Luke (Part 5 And Narrative)

Luke (Part 5)

How To Read The Bible: Narrative 

The Gospel Of John

John Chapters 1-12

John Chapters 13-21

Acts Of The Apostles Part 1

Acts 1-7

Acts 8-12

Acts Of The Apostles Part 2

Acts 13-20

Acts 21-28

The Epistles Of Peter

1 Peter

2 Peter

Galatians And Colossians



Philippians And Ephesians



1st And 2nd Corinthians

1st Corinthians 

2nd Corinthians


1 Thessalonians 

2 Thessalonians 

The Epistles Of James And Jude

The Epistle Of James


The Epistles To Titus And Philemon



Espistles To Timothy

1 Timothy

2 Timothy

The Book Of Revelation

Revelations Chapter 1-11

Revelation Chapter 12-22

The Bible Project

"Join The Bible Project"

"How To Subscribe To The Bible Project"

Logos And Rhema (DLM Christian Life Ministry)

The Book Of Truth

Cults Or Chistian: 6 Groups That Look Christian

"The Complete

 Jewish Bible"

Learn More

"The Aramaic English 

New Testament"

Learn More

"The Tree Of Life Version"

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