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The Value Of Understanding

“Therefore My people are in captivity for lack of knowledge. 

Their honorable men are famished and their multitudes parched with thirst." 

Isaiah Chapter 5 Verse 13 
Tree Of Life Version
Why A Virtual Library?

When the search begins for Spiritual Truth every Searcher is essentially thrown overboard from the world they thought they knew and tossed into a sea of books, videos, websites, gurus and groups. Many of the resources the 

Searcher tries to cling to in a quest to stay afloat prove to be 

sharks in the spiritual waters. 


When this is not the case they are often left to lean on heavy handed doctrines that are too much to carry or esoteric teachings and 

terminologies so foreign that the 

Searcher is afraid to lean on them for any kind of support in a spiritual crisis.  

This is how we all began our Search. 


So Brian Newman, the Librarian for this Library, was sent on a mission to gather resources that were not only truthful but also usable and 

understandable and list them by topic. 


He gathered them from the teachers he had learned from before as well as some new sources and categorized them under headings that the new Searcher would understand and be able to navigate. He chose the academically strongest and most thorough teachings from the ministries focused on that area.


These teachers do not all agree and Brian does not necessarily agree with all of them but the purpose of the "Shalom To Your Heart Virtual Library" is to present educational materials for the searcher to Study out and Pray through from a selection that has some plausible basis in both

 History and Holy Scripture. 


Every effort is made to give debatable matters a fair amount of space in the

 Library to present it's case.


This Virtual Library is not a direct promotion of any author or teachers or organizations or companies but simply a presentation of their ideas with direct links to their other resources for prayer, study and educated consideration. 


If you have found these teachers useful it is recommend that you support their work by purchasing their books or other resources, 

which have been posted as well. 


Study the Word, Use Discernment, Test the Spirits, and be Open to Learning.


Brian Newman

Shalom To Your Hearts


The Fair Use Policy allows the sharing of Materials and 

Media for Educational Purposes.

As long as Profit is not the Motive and these items are not for 

Sale without Damages. 


The "Shalom To Your Heart Virtual Library"

Has the purpose of Education and Public Discourse. 


We do not resell anyone's work and we give all credit to the Author. 


Our Virtual Library actually advertises for and directs online traffic to these Ministries and their associated Youtube Channels,

 Websites and Books all Free of Charge. 

This is a Benefit to the expansion of the Presenters and of the 

Organizations they represent. 

"Intellectual Property #2"

Crash Course Series 

"YouTube, Copyright and the Future"

Crash Course Series 

All Truth Is The Creator's Truth

For since there is jealousy and strife among you, aren’t you worldly and walking in a human way? 

For when one says, “I follow Paul,” and another, 

“I follow Apollos,” are you not mere humans?

What then is Apollos? And what is Paul? 

Servants through whom You came to trust

—and to each as the Lord gave. 

I planted,Apollos watered, 

but God gave the increase. 

So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is Anything, but only God 

who makes things grow. 

1st Letter To The Corinthians 3 Verse 1

"Infringement Nation: Copyright 2.0 And You"
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