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Seers In The Scripture

(Formerly in Israel, when a man went 

to inquire of God, 

He said, “Come, let’s go to the seer”—

For today’s prophet was formerly called a seer.)

1st Book Of Samuel Chapter 9 Verse 9

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

"Dream Journal"

By Brian Asriel Newman And Melissa Collins

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Dreams And Visions E-Course 

Through Streams Ministries 

Learn More

The Church Fathers On Discerning Dreams And Visions

Historical View Of Dreams And Visions

Remnant Radio

The Church Fathers On Dream Interpretation

Remnant Radio

"Painting The Impossible" The Akiane Kramarik Story

Visions And The Seer Gifting

"The Seer Anointing"

With Jim Goll

"Secrets Of The Seers"

With Tony Kemp

Visions And The Seer Gifting (Sensing The Spirit World)

Can You Smell Spirits?

Demons And Our Spiritual Scent?

Seers Live Out The Message

"Pay Attention"

With Recie Saunders

"Why Do Prophets Go Through More?
Jennifer Eivaz

Heavenly Travel?

Getting To Know The God Of Time And Space

John Paul Jackson

Invitation To The Throne Room

John Paul Jackson

Opposing Views And Warnings

Cautionary Tale

How Were So Many Deceived By Todd Bentley?

Fighting For The Faith

Warning About "Heavenly Tourism"?

Justin Peters


The Prophetic Hub is a Facebook Group for those with a 

Revelatory Gifting.

The Prophetic Hub

International School of the Word is A Seminary for Lay People Administered by Perry Stone. 

International School 

Of The Word

Roar Academy is an online

Mentorship Program for those with Revelatory or Prophetic Giftings

Roar Academy Courses

"Prophetic School"

With Lana Vawser

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"Troy Brewer Ministries"

With Troy Brewer

Learn More

"God Encounters"

With Jim Goll

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"The Prophetic Voice Of God: Learning To Recognize The Language Of The 

Holy Spirit"

By Lana Vawser

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"The Seer: 

The Prophetic Power Of Visions, Dreams, And 

Open Heavens"

By Jim Goll

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'Seeing The Supernatural"

By Jennifer Eivaz

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"Moments With God 

Dream Journal"

By John Paul Jackson

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"Basics Of Dreams, Visions And Strange Events"

 By John Paul Jackson

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"How To Interpret

 Dreams And Visions"

By Perry Stone 

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'Dreams And Visions: 

Is Jesus Awakening 

The Muslim World?"

By Tom Doyle

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"Dreams And Visions: Understanding And Interpreting God's 

Message To You"

By Jane Hamon

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"Hearing God Through 

Your Dreams: 

Understanding The Language God Speaks 

At Night" 

By Mark Virkler

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