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Kingdom Recruiters

This Good News of the kingdom shall be proclaimed In the Whole world as a testimony to all the nations, 

And then the end will come.

Gospel Of Matthew Chapter 24 Verse 14

Tree Of Life Version

Brian Newman
Calling Coach
Dream Interpreter
Ministry Support Specialist
(Dream Helper Network Founder)
"The Gospel" (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)
First Fruits Of Zion
The Gospel Of The Kingdom (The Bible Project)
Word Study (Bible Project)

Euangelion "Gospel"

Martus "Witness"

Where Do You Fit In Service The Kingdom?

"Where Do You Fit?"
Daniel Kolenda

'The Genius Of The 5 Fold Ministry"

Daniel Kolenda

5 Fold Live Interview (Evangelist Gifting)
"The Myth Of The Perfect Evangelistic Approach"
By "Modern Day"
Movie Night Ministries
Evangelists Are Kingdom Recruiters When Working For The Creator
Those Who Are Forgiven Much Love Much

Evangelist Greg Laurie

Former Drug Addict

Evangelist John Ramirez

Former Satanist Priest

The Greg Laurie Story

"Lost Boy" The Greg Laurie Story

"The Power Of Your Personal Testimony"

ReThinking Evangelism

Todd White 

Structure And The Great Commission 

Francis Chan

ReThinking Evangelis

How The Holy Spirit Can Help Us Witness

"How Does The Holy Spirit 

Help Us Witness?"

With Dr. Charles Stanley

"Evangelism And A Walk Of Love"

Pd Van Der Westhuizen On NYSTV

"How To Reach The Lost' With Greg Laurie
Answering Difficult Questions

"How To Lead Others To Messiah"

With Greg Laurie 

"Answering Difficult Questions 

That Non-Believers Ask" With Greg Laurie

Issues In Outreach 

Ravi Zacharias 

Reaching Christian-Like Groups

Recie Saunders

Meeting The Native Americans

Francis Chan Evangelizes 
Mormons And Jehovah's Witnesses

Francis Chan Meets Mormons

Francis Chan Meets JW's

Prophetic Evangelism?

Prophetic Street Evangelism

History Of Prophetic Evangelism

Dream Evangelism

'What Your Dreams Are Telling You"

With Cindy McGill

"The Tattoo Shop" 

With Recie Saunders

Jewish Evangelists

Rabbi Kirt Schneider

Broadcaster Sid Roth

Evangelists To Israel (One For Israel)

Jewish Man Who Met Messiah

Israeli's Opening Their Eyes To Yeshua

Son Of God? An Arab Outreach Film (One For Israel)
Hebrew Evangelists

Zach Bauer


Kelly McDonald Jr.

Hungry Hearts

Songs For The Journey 

The Evangelist For Themselves Is A 

Natural Salesman

The Evangelist Living In Darkness Is A 

Natural Recruiter For The Enemy

Places To Get Trained For Evangelists

The Billy Graham Training Center Trains And 

Equips Evangelists Today


Billy Graham Online Training Evangelism School

Outreach to Prisoners through Chuck Colson's "Breakpoint Prison Fellowship"


Breakpoint Prison Fellowship

This Website, administered by Cliff Appleby, helps to gather and distribute Bibles to those who need them.


The Helping Hands Project

The Jesus Film
Songs For The Journey 


Casting Crowns/Matthew West

"The Harvester"

 Brandon Heath

Written Resources 

"More Than 

A Carpenter" 

Josh McDowell


"They Thought For Themselves:

A Collection Of 

Jewish Testimonies"

With Sid Roth


"The Sacred Romance"

John Eldredge


"The Cross And 

The Switchblade" 

By David Wilkerson


"The Bondage Breaker:
Youth Edition"

By Neil Anderson 

& Dave Park


"Celebrate Recovery 

365 Day Devotional"


"Know Your Ministry:
Spiritual Gifts For 

Every Believer"

Marilyn Hickey, 

Sarah Bowling



For Leaders"

Dr. Henry Cloud


"Reigniting Spirit And Truth:

The Call Of The Bridegroom"

PD Van Der Westhuizen


"Torah Govt." 

Norman Willis


"Facing Messy Stuff 

In The Church" 

Kenneth Swetland


"Letters To The Church"

Francis Chan

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