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The Treasure Of Understanding

How much better to get wisdom than gold, 

To choose understanding rather than silver.

Proverbs Of Solomon Chapter 16 Verse 16

Tree Of Life Version

Written Resources
Understanding Phrases, Numbers And Events 
Understanding The Universe

The Spiritual Universe-Michael Heiser

The Physical Universe-Chuck Missler

Understanding Dreams And Destiny

"Understanding Dreams" John Paul Jackson

"Understanding Destiny" John Paul Jackson

Understanding For Relationships

"The 5 Love Languages Of Apology"

Dr. Gary Chapman

"How To Work With Your Partner's Love Languages" Psych2Go

Understanding For Marriage

'Love And War" John And Stasi Eldredge Part 1

"Love And War" John And Stasi Eldredge Part 2

Films For Understanding-Understanding

"The Giver" Trailer (Secular)

"Good Will Hunting" Trailer (Secular)

Songs For Encouragement

"Walking Faith" With Adam 

Christian Pierre

Written Resources

"Know Your Ministry:
Spiritual Gifts For 

Every Believer"

Marilyn Hickey, 

Sarah Bowling


"Cry Like A Man: 

Fighting For Freedom From Emotional Incarceration"

James Wilson 

And Eshon Burgundy


"Reigniting Spirit And Truth:

The Call Of The Bridegroom"

PD Van Der Westhuizen


"Torah Government:
In Renewed Covenant Times"

Nazarene Israel



For Leaders"

Dr. Henry Cloud


"Facing Messy Stuff

 In The Church:

Case Studies For Pastors And Congregations


How Biblical Free Enterprise 


Can Empower Your 

Faith, Family And Freedom"

Josh Tolley And Terry Felber


"The Harbinger"

Jonathan Cahn


"Business Secrets 

From The Bible"

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

The Bible Project (The Book Of Ecclesiastes)
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