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The Mystery Of Tongues

Therefore, brothers and sisters, be eager to prophesy, 

And do not forbid speaking in tongues.

1st Corinthians Chapter 14 Verse 39

Tree Of Life Version

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VIP Kids 

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Discernment In The Gifts (Unlearn)
Interpretation Of Tongues

'Your Prayer Language And How To Interpret It"

Part 1: Perry Stone

"Your Prayer Language And How To Interpret It"

Part 2: Perry Stone

Interpretation Of Tongues

"Discovering The Gift Of Interpretation' 

With Derek Prince

"Interpretation Of Tongues"

With Neal Reyes 

The Gift Of Tongues

"2 Barriers To Speaking In Tongues"

With PD Vander Westhuizen 

"The Types Of Speaking In Tongues"

With Dr. Ronnie Goines

The Tongues Series (Rise On Fire)

The Gift Of Tongues: Part 1

Misunderstandings, Interpretation, Practice

The Gift Of Tongues: Part 2

Baptism Of The Holy Spirit, Counterfeit Tongues

Apologetics For Tongues Continuing

"Is Tongues Demonic?"

With PD Vander Westhuizen

"The Mystery Of Praying In The Spirit"

With Perry Stone

Did Tongues Cease? 

"Speaking In Tongues"

Unlearn With Lex Meyer

"Is Tongues For Today?"

With Paul Washer

Opposition To Speaking In Tongues?

Why Tongues Is An Easy Gift To Fake?

Dr. John McArthur

Tongues And Charismatic Chaos?

Dr. John McArthur

Misuse Of Tongues

"Stop Misusing The Gift Of Tongues"

By Kate Bjargvide 

"Please Stop Fake Speaking In Tongues"

By Noisy For God

Reform Vs. Charismatic 

"Strange Fire Conference" Part 1

Led By John McArthur

"Prophetic Round Table" 

Led By Patricia King

Songs For Understanding

"Who Am I?
Casting Crowns

"I'm Listening"

Chris McClarney

Written Resources

"Playing With Holy Fire:

A Wake Up Call To 

The Pentecostal 

Charismatic Church"

By Dr. Michael Brown


"Reigniting Spirit 

And Truth"

By PD Vander Westhuizen


"Strange Fire: 

The Danger 

Of Offending

 The Holy Spirit 


 Counterfeit Worship"

By John MacArthur

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