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Psalm 16's 

Media Resources

Psalm 16 Ministry

Did The Creator Put Us On A Diet?

‚ÄúSpeak to Bnei-Yisrael, saying: 

These are the living things which you may eat among 

All the animals that are on the earth.

Leviticus Chapter 11 Verse 2 TLV

The Food Laws Of The Bible? (Nehemiah Restoration Fellowship)

Food Laws: The Creator's Diet Plan

Food Laws: Questions And Answers


The Master's Herbalist

(Facebook Group)

Join Group 

"Pig Science" 119 Ministries

Shame And Eating Disorders

Spiritual Causes Of Disease

"The Meal That Heals"

with Perry Stone 

"The Spiritual Causes of Diseas"

with Henry Wright

Spiritual And Physical Power Of Fasting

"The Power Of Fasting" 

with Pastor Jentezen Franklin

"The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting"

with Dr. Josh Axe

"Making Any Creamy Soup" (American Homesteader Ms. Jamie Bauer) 

May Her Memory Be For A Blessing (Isaiah 57:1)

What Would Jesus Eat? And The Maker's Diet

'What Would Jesus Eat?" Author Interview

'The Maker's Diet" Author Interview 

Clean And Unclean Fish List

By Scripture Truth Ministries 

Free Downlaod

Gluttony And The Stronghold Of Food

"Breaking The Stronghold Of Food"

with Dr. Michael Brown and Nancy Brown 

"Gluttony: Society's Most Acceptable Sin"

with Skip Heizig (White Collar Sin Series)

Herbs And Oils Of The Bible

"Oils of the Bible" 

with the Sammons Family

"Ancient Biblical Oils"

with the Orr Family 

Sex And Nutrition: Parabens In Cosmetic And Hormones

Messianic Jewish Nutritionist Paul Nisan

"Torah Life Ministries"

"Raw Life Health Show"

The Ketogenic Diet?

"Which Type of Keto is Right for You?
with Dr. Axe 

"6 Biggest Mistakes on the Keto Diet"

with Dr. Axe

Blood  Type Diet And Body Type Diet

The Blood Type Diet

with Dr. D'Adamo 

Blood Type Diet Vs. Body Type Diet

with Dr. Berg

Cancer And Fungus Both Examined

The Gerson Therapy for Cancer

with Charlotte Gerson

The Fungus Link

with Doug Kauffman

Sugar And Wheat

"The Secrets of Sugar" 5th Estate

"The War On Wheat" 5th Estate

Planet Fitness "Judgment Free Zone" Affordable Fitness Centers

Andrea Baines is a Wellness Coach Specializing in Homeopathy. 

She lives in Florida but can Video Conference. 

Andrea Baines

New Day Medical Spa is a Torah Keeper Owned Day Spa and Health Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

New Day Medical Spa

Susan Weckter is a Christian Naturopathic Doctor in California with

 "Susan's Wellness Corner"

Susan Weckter

Coach Rian 

Davis Health And Wellness

Reach Out To Coach Rian

Illinois Naturopathy

Naturopathic Care For Messianics

(Donation Based)

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Written Resources

"Be In Health"

By Henry Wright

Order Resource

"Eat Right For 

Your Blood Type"

by Dr. D'Adamo

Order Resource 

"Fast Food Nation: 

 The Dark Side Of The All-American Meal" 

by Eric Schlosser

Order Resource

"The Gerson Therapy

For Cancer" 

by Charlotte Gerson

Learn More

"The Daniel Plan: 

40 Days To A 

Healthier Life" 

]by Rick Warren, Daniel Amen And Mark Hyman

Order Resource

"The Beginner's Guide To Essential Oils: 

Ancient Medicine" 

By Dr. Josh Axe

Order Resource

"Maker's Diet: Meals"

Jordan Rubin, Dr. Josh Axe 

And Deb Williams

Order Resource

"Miracle Food Cures 

From The Bible

By Reese Dubin 

Free Download

"What Would 

Jesus Eat?"

By Dr. Don Colbert

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"The Maker's Diet"

By Jordan Rubins

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Songs For Encouragement

"Overcomer" by Mandisa 

'What Love Really Means" by JJ Heller