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"Everybody Hurt, Sometimes" Even In The Bible

I will say to God my Rock:

“Why have You forgotten me?

Why do I go about mourning, under 

The oppression of the enemy?”

As with a crushing in my bones,

My adversaries taunt me,

By saying to me all day, “Where is your God?”

Why are you downcast, O my soul?

Why are you murmuring within me?

Hope in God, for I will yet praise Him,

The salvation of my countenance and my God.

Psalm 42 Of King David Verse 10

Psalm 16

Television And Media

Psalm 16

Coaching And Support

Psalm 16

Books And Articles

Dr. Sayra Greene

(Dream Helper Network)

Reach Out To Dr. Sayra

"Let's Talk Shalom" Interview With 

Tennessee Based-Licensed Professional Counselor, Stephanie Edwards

Psalm 16 Mental Health Support (FB Group)

Join The Group


Mental Health Crisis Line

Find Help Now

Focus On The Family

Access Resources From

Focus On The Family

The Hope Line

Contact The HopeLine

Churches Care

Find Help From 

Local Ministers

King David And Mental Health

"David therefore sought God for the child; and David fasted, and went in and

Lay all night on the floor. The elders of his household s

Stood beside him in order to 

Get him up from the floor but he was unwilling and 

Would not eat food with them." 

2nd Book Of The Prophet Samuel Chapter 12 Verse 16

Touch And Healing (Emotionally And Mentally)

Learn More 

Dr. Monty Burks-

State Director Of Faith Based Initiatives

For Addiction And Mental Health

(The Opposite of Addiction is Relationship)

Dr. Monty Burks is a CPRS and Minister who has an incredible testimony of going from drug addict in jail to Minister, Phd and National Speaker. Contact Dr. Burks Here

Discerning Between God's Voice And Your Thoughts (David Diga)

"Plumb" On Depression Medication

Christian Pop Sensation "Plumb" talks about her struggle with Depression and how she came to her decision about Medication which is a struggle for many people of faith. 

Certified Peer Support Recovery Program

A Certified Peer Support Recovery Specialist (CPRS) is a person who has lived life experience From either a Mental Health Diagnosis or a Substance Abuse Disorder with a year in 

Recovery who have been professionally trained by the 

State to be a Peer and Support others suffering from the same. 

Become A CPRS

The Unzipped Mind

Podcast On Mental Illness And The Church

Listen Here

Light University

Become A Mental Health First Responder/

Mental Health Coach

Learn More

Find Help And Support

Dr. Sayra Green

Contact Dr. Sayra

Relationship Coach

 AnnaLisa O'Toole

Contact AnnaLisa

Focus On The Family

Referral Line

Contact Focus

"The Chosen" And Mental Health

Not An Opportunity For Man's Glory

When Yeshua Heals

Deliverance History, Controversies, Abuses And Relationships

"Demon Trials: 

The Rise And Fall Of Mars Hill"

Christianity Today Podcast

"Come Out In Jesus Name" Trailer

Greg Locke Media

Kevin Hines: Golden Gate Bridge Jump Survivor

Life After A 200 Foot Fall

Mental Health And Suicide

Helping Churches Help Families With Mental Illness

No Mess Is Too Messy

with Pastor Jarrid Wilson

"Hope For The Afflicted"

(People In The Bible With Mental Illness)

with Dr. Matthew Stanford

Mental Health And The Church

"Breaking The Silence On Mental Illness"

With Rock Church

Jarrid Wilson

 "Destigmatizing Mental Illness 

In The Church"

Mental Health And Suicide In The Church

"Dealing With Mental Health Issues As A Christian" with Rick Warren

"Suicide: The Impact On Believers"

Dr. Charles Stanley

National Association Of Mental Illness

The National Association of Mental Illness is a Support and Education Group for People Suffering from Mental Illness and for their Families

Find A Local Meeting


Dissociative Identity Disorder

Living With 12 Alters

(Special Books By Special Kids)

"What It's Like To Live With 

Dissociative Identity Disorder"


Faith Based Help For 

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Find Help

More Help For Families

Four Types Of Borderline Personality

10 Obsessive Things People With 
Borderline Personality Disorder Do

More Help For Families

Loving Someone With BPD

Struggles Of Being The Favourite

Ministering To Those With Mental Illness

'Ministry That Heals Wounded Hearts"

Dan Allender

Hope For The Mental Health Community

Dan Allender

Rick Warren And T.D. Jakes Talk About Mental Illness

T.D. Jakes Talks About Mental Illness

Rick Warren

"Mental Illness 

Took my Son's Life"

The Source Of Our Thoughts? (Apply God's Word Daily)

Was That Thought From You, 

God Or The Devil?

Part 1

Was That Thought From You, 

God Or The Devil?

Part 2

Was That Thought From You, God Or The Devil? Part 3

7 People In The Bible Who 

Suffered From Depression

Find Out Who They Were

Scott Stapp Of "Creed" Talks About His 

Depression, Bi-Polar, Addiction And Faith

 (CCM Magazine)

Sociopathic Patient Becomes Christian Apologist In Prison

Mental Health And Shame

"Lessons From The Mental Hospital"

Kris Volloton 

"Managing Fear, Anxiety And Depression"

Nutrition And Mental Illness

Vitamin Deficiencies In Mental Hospitals

Dr. Berg

Vitamins And Supplements For Schizophrenia 

Living Well With Schizophrenia

Overcoming Loneliness And Isolation (Sue Varma)

The Science Of Feeling Lonely (MedCircle)

If You're Feeling Lonely 


The Science Of Loneliness (Sue Varma)

Helping The Lonely (MedCircle) 

Psychological First Aide (MedCircle)

Anxiety And Depression (MedCircle)

Overcoming Depression (MedCircle)

The Anxiety Life Changer (MedCircle)

Ozarks Wellness Center

(With Mary Kay Houck Shultz)

Learn More

Anxiety And Dependent Personality Disorder

Anxiety Crash Course

with Dr. Ramani

Dependent Personality Disorder

with Dr. Ramani

Paranoid And Avoidant Disorder

Paranoid Personality Disorder

Dr. Ramani 

Avoidant Personality Disorder

Dr. Ramani 

Perfectionism And Bi-Polar Disorder

Perfectionism: MedCircle 

Bi-Polar Disoder: Dr. Tracey Marks

Schizophrenia Support Group 

(On Facebook)

Learn More

Schizophrenia And Borderline Personality

Schizoid And Schizotypal 

with Dr. Ramani

Borderline Personality Disorder

with NY Presbyterian Hospital 

Narcissism, Sociopathy And Psychopathy

The 4 Types Of Narcissism

with Dr. Ramani

The Narcissist, Sociopath And Psychopath

with Dr. Ramani

"Celebrate Recovery"

Find A Group

"Anthem Of Hope"

Christian Support For 

Those Suffering from 

Mental Illness

Reach Out For Support

"Grief Share Groups"

For Those 

Suffering Loss

Find A Group

In-Person Faith Based Support

Celebrate Recovery Groups

The Healing Rooms

In-Person Faith Based Support

About "Anthem of Hope" Founder

Pastor Jarrid Wilson

What Is Grief Share?

'Casting Out Demons Or Treating Mental Illness? 

(Rise On Fire: Pd Van Der Westhuizen)

Find A Counselor Referral 

Find A Referral 

Films For Understanding

"Rain Man' Trailer 

"A Beautiful Mind" Trailer

Songs For Encouragement

"I Can't Do This" by Plumb

"Cry Out To Jesus" by Third Day

Songs For Encouragement

"Hello, My Name Is' by Matthew West

"I'm Not Who I Was" by Brandon Heath

Nutritional Aide For Mood Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, Bi-Polar)

"To Your Health"

Liquid Vitamin For Mood Disorders

Order Resource

"Cracked But Not Broken:
Surviving And Thriving After A Suicide Attempt"

By Golden Gate Bridge Jump Survivor

Kevin Hines

Order Resource

Written Resources

"The Anxiety Reset: A Life-Changing Approach to Overcoming Fear, Stress, Worry, Panic Attacks, 

OCD And More"

Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D.,

Keith Wall

Order Resource

"Healing Depression for Life: The Personalized Approach that Offers New Hope for Lasting Relief"

Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D.,

Keith Wall

Order Resource

"Healing The Scars Of

 Emotional Abuse"

Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D.,

Keith Wall

Order Resource

"Grace For The Afflicted: 

A Clinical And 

Biblical Perspective 

On Mental Illness"

-People In The Bible

With Symptoms Of 

Mental Illness

By Dr. 

Matthew Stanford

Order Resource

"Love Is Oxygen: 

How God Can Give 

You Life And 

Change Your World"

By Pastor 

Jarrid Wilson

Order Resource

"The Cry Of The Soul: 

How Our Emotions Reveal Our Deepest Questions

 About God"

by Dr. Dan Allender And Dr. Temper Longman III

Order Resource

"Dangerous Prayers: 

Because Following 

Jesus Was Never 

Meant To Be Safe"

By Craig Groeschel

Order Resource 


How To Gain 


Over The 

Powers Of Darkness"

By Rabbi 

Kirt Schneider 

Order Resource 

"Dealing With Hindering Spirits: 

When The 

Warfare Moves 

From Natural To Supernatural"

By Perry Stone

Order Resource