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The Seer Gifting

They say to the seers, “Do not see,” and to the prophets, 

“Do not prophesy to us what is right. 

Speak to us smooth words. Prophesy illusions.

The Prophet Isaiah Chapter 30 Verse 10

Tree Of Life Version


The Prophetic Hub is a Facebook Group for those with a Revelatory Gifting.


The Prophetic Hub

International School of the Word is a Seminary for Lay People Administered by Perry Stone. 


International School 

Of The Word

Streams Ministries E-Courses on Hearing God, Dream Interpretation, Visions and other Prophetic Subjects.


Streams Ministries Courses

"Painting The Impossible" The Akiane Kramarik Story
The Church Fathers On Discerning Dreams And Visions

Historical View Of Dreams And Visions

Remnant Radio

The Church Fathers On Dream Interpretation

Remnant Radio

The Seer Annointing

"Secrets Of The Seers" 

Patricia King Series 

'The Seer Annointing"

With Jim Goll

Developing The Seer Gifting

"Developing The Seer Anointing"

Patricia King Series 

'Eyes To See" Session 1 

With Jamie Galloway

Scent And The Seer Gifting (Sensing The Spirit World)

Can You Smell Spirits?

Demons And Our Spiritual Scent?

Political Seers (The Roles That Gad And Nathan Had)
How God Uses Seers For His Purposes (Test With Scripture)

Angels Podcast 

With Gary Oates

"God Shows Me The Invisible World"

With Gary Oates

How The Enemy Uses Seers For His Purposes

"Sixth Sense" Trailer (Pop Necromancy)

"Ghost' Trailer (Pop Necromancy)

Written Resources

"Discovering the Seer in You: Exploring Your 

Prophetic Gifts"

By Jim Goll


"The Prophet's Manual:

 A Guide To Sustaining Your Prophetic Gift"

By John Eckhardt


"Basics Of Dreams, 

Visions And 

Strange Events"

By John Paul Jackson


"The Intercessor's Handbook" 

Jennifer Eivaz


"Seeing The Supernatural"

 Jennifer Eivaz


"Pruning Your 

Family Tree" 

Perry Stone

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